Dancing Videos: Israeli Folk Dance

So I know my posts are really random but hey, it is my style.

If you want to see my dance team at BYU dancing an Israeli Folk Dance watch the video below!
Note: I did not take this video, I was dancing, in fact, none of my family members did, so it zooms in on a random person that you don't know like a couple of times. No biggie. But you know what I look like so maybe you'll see me! I'm usually on the right side and then when they have this one lift, I'm front row, center. Okay, okay, here is an example:
Okay watch!
The team - 1RB - Spring Festival of Nations - March of 2009
I'm right of guy (Ed Austin) in red
So yea!
My husband rocks. And he brought me flowers for this performance. Double rocks.
BYU Folk dance was fun! Ah, the good old days!

Anyone know dances from different countries around the world? That'd be Folk Dance!


  1. I used to do 'country dance' classes in primary school, the English version of square dancing. And ceilidh dancing, which I always described to people as what they are dancing in Titanic when they go below decks! And I've tried my hand at Greek folk dancing when I was in Greece, that was fun! I enjoyed watching the video. I like all your random dance posts!!

  2. you are so darling! loved the video.

    i know some Mexican dances from my days back in Spanish Immersion classes

  3. Aw! How fun! I wish id learned some cultural dance. My friend tried to teach me how to belly dance once. It didn't last long.

  4. Very coold! That's so different and interesting. Life's always better when you dance =)

    - Sarah

  5. Aww you just made me miss my choir and the times when we wore the same beautiful and elegant dresses when we perform! You all look so handsome and beautiful! :-)


  6. Ahhhhhh! I love watching your dance videos. I took ballet for a couple of years when I was young... wish I would have stuck with it.

  7. Oh my so awesome!! Love these culture folk dancing groups! I am Greek and Greek Danced for 7 years. I really miss it.

  8. So fun! Wish ASU had something like that.

  9. That looks like so much fun, I wish I did something like that in college!

  10. awww you brought so many great memories! I did Israeli folk dance a couple of times. And I've also seeing the BYU folk dance group in the past, but it's been a while. I think the last performance I saw was back in 2008 or 2009...looks like you were part of it then! SHALOM!

  11. I love love love watching dances from other countries! When I was at Georgetown, they had an annual dance production of Indian dance. It was AMAZING. I loved all these photos :) hope you're having a great week! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}