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Every once in awhile people ask me questions and I wonder if anyone else would want to know the answers. For example, people have asked me "Where did you get the name Katinka from?", "My husband and I are planning on going on a cruise, do you have any recommendations on where to go or certain cruise lines?", "Make a clogging vlog!" (via Haolepinos) "Show me how you do your hair curly!", or "How do you do your makeup? Give me a tutorial!"

And I'm like, really? Are you kidding me? 
(not in a rude way, but more shocking to me- on the last 2 questions)

I want this blog to be a place where you can get beneficial advice and content and not just what I did last weekend. That is still my number 1 priority as it is my online journal. 

But I guess what I am getting at is, if you have a question feel free to ask in a comment below or via Formspring here and I will answer some questions in a post or two, if people even have any. I do like to answer questions so don't leave me hanging ;)

So go ahead, ask away, if you will!

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  1. I would love for you to do a clogging vlog!! Seriously! That'd be awesome! I've had people ask me to do a dancing vlog... I'm not sure when I'll get around to that though... haha!

  2. How do you stay so thin?! Do you keep up a certain diet or are you naturally built on the lean side? Or both! Either way, you always look fabulous :D

  3. Do you miss watching your husband play baseball? My husband played for Dixie State and just graduated in May, I already miss it!

  4. That would be awesome. You are so cute :)

  5. You're so cute! I love your blog, and thanks for following me, I am your newest follower as well! YAY for style advice, I will tune in :) Have a great weekend!

  6. we should ALL do a dancing vlog!

    thanks for stopping by, love - your blog is adorable! can't wait to see more.

    P.S. Question: Given that horava-lifschitz gravity is a dual to gauss-bonnet theory, does this mean that non-local operators in the CFT are UV and IR finite?

    Question 2: Does that make any sense to you? Because if it does you have a degree in theoretical physics... It's greek, to me.

  7. You are such a pretty person. Really. And I love your style. Bring on the vlog, girl!

    And thanks for the award, too! Sorry I didn't thank you sooner. I haven't been on blogger for awhile. You are so great, though--and I really appreciate it. Your blog is one of my favorites!

  8. Yes please! Vlog of clogging or Q&A. I would love either! As long as cutie puppy is in it too!

  9. hey! Thanks for visiting :) love your blog, i'll be interested to see the Q & A! xx

  10. I LOVE your blog :) You look like such a sweet person! cant wait to catch up on previous posts!

  11. You are so cute! I love your humility and thoughtfulness. If I looked like you I would not be so humble. haha! I would LOVE to learn your hair tricks.

  12. Yes do it!! I love watching vlogs! :)
    Ok, my question - if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

  13. Sorry I didn't enter the giveaway, I just barely got the internet going! I love reading your blog, I missed it! I actually want to know how you do your hair wavy because mine never looks that good and I think we have kind of similar hair.

  14. I always love Q & A's, people in general just fascinate me. I like to know what people are eating and reading.

  15. Amazing photo!
    You're looking beautiful!
    And i would also like to know how you get your hair that curly. ;)

  16. I love the pictures! your puppy is the cutest thing EVER. and its so cute about doing hair and makeup tutorials! But i see why theyd ask, youre simply adorable! <3


  17. Are you going to answer all the questions that you brought up in this post?! I would LOVE to see a vlog of your clogging! And I would love to know how Katinka got her name! :]

  18. What?! No one has asked you about babies yet? I wanna know... how soon will be see little Ashley's?? Haha, I'm only kind of kidding.