Celestine to Taiwan!

Celestine Yeung & me, freshman year at BYU 2007

One of my really good friends, Celestine Yeung, just went into the Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC) as she was called to serve a 1.5 year mission for our church (more info here). She is headed to the Taiwan Taichang mission! I am so proud of her! She is one of my really good friends from BYU. I met her in the dorms, freshman year (2006-2007), and we've been good friends since! I asked her her name and I remember her saying "Cel, like cellphone" but her name is really Celestine, goes by Cel for short. She is one of my favorite Asian friends (I love Asia!) as she is from Hong Kong and also lived in California for bit while growing up. We both took Econ with the hardest teacher (Kearl), took dance classes in the dance department (the RB), loved eating Hawaiian haystacks in the Canon Center together, loved watching the BYU Men's Volleyball games together, and just hung out a lot!

Here is my Celly Cel...also I'm reminiscing from my years at BYU...
Here we are in my shared bathroom at David John Hall...
we were in the same ward, first floor, but different ends...if you know the dorms you'll get it ha!
Yeah, honestly don't remember the last time I've used an eyelash curler, not my thing lol.
Outside of David John Hall about to head up to Salt Lake City to go 80's dancing!
I remember we were watching some guys from our ward play basketball in the RB here!
So we all went to Walmart and bought big boys footed onesies!!! And then Celestine and I went out to the movie theatre wearing them...that was awkward haha. We were so embarrassed but ran into the theatres at Provo Town Centre and there were guys like "Oh what party are you going to tonight?"..."Um we are not" haha. Of course I am so tall that it barely was long enough...not comfortable I tell ya ;)
Me, Carly, Shayla, Celestine, Alexandra
Here I am at the movie theatres looking like a ghost! I don't remember what movie we saw!
And Cel!
And here we were in the dorms freshman year, in that one room with the TV! :)
So I am very proud of her!
If you have any questions about Mormons or What We Believe, go here!

Also, I am excited for General Conference this weekend!

What are some ways you prepare for General Conference? 


  1. I just commented but I don't think it went through. So I will write it again! I love her! Do you remember when we all sat together at the baseball game? that was so much fun! She is so funny and adorable. Tell her congrats from me, so glad you posted about her so I know! YAH!

  2. Aw that is so exciting! :) good for her. I love seeing the recap photos. Those onesies are awesome. My sister has been wanting a onesie for a long time and can't find one.

    I am so excited for conference this weekend! :D

  3. Aw friend pics are so fun... especially in PJs.

    - Sarah

  4. Love this little reminiscing session. :) My roommates and I totally did the PJs in public places! Haha. Good times! I probably should have been more embarrasse than I was! And I am so excited for General Conference this weekend as well!

  5. So so so excited for conference--also so so so so soooo excited for the blog partyy!!!

    Can't wait to meet you. Lets just decide now that we will probably be BFF's.


  6. Good friends are hard to come by. You two are so adorable. I am getting ready for conference by preparing to listen to it over 3 loud children.

  7. Roommates are the BESSST. Sounds like so much fun.

    And our bishop gave us a challenge to make a sacrifice regarding technology...so my hubby and I are gonna only watch church-related movies and stuff for a week.

  8. Love that you still KIT with your freshy roommate! I do to! It's so fun to see where everyone ends up in their lives. What a sweet post. You are both adorable!

  9. ummm my roomie and i so totally wore onesie pajamas to our ward christmas party last year. it's amazing the reactions we got....people tend to only feel extremes about the onesie. love, or loathe. haha. it's ok, weeds out the cool people...

  10. Cute friend. Best luck to her! I can't live without an eyelash curler...!!:) As far as general conference I actually just posted the treat buckets that I'm hoping will motivate my kids to listen to the talks. I also found this pre/during/post conference packets on Pinterest that they have been working on for the last couple of days. Thank God to Pinterest :)

  11. Haha love those jim jams! And congrats to her for getting her mission location :)

  12. Sounds like you two had a wonderful time in your college days! And now presently... what an exciting time!

  13. Aw, college photos! I didn't really enjoy my time at college because I was so incredibly shy but now when I look back at photos, I really did have a great time! I wish I could go back and not be so scared of everyone, haha!!

  14. I also love reminiscing fun times with my girlfriends! It's always a wonderful thing looking at old pictures!

    And your friend is on a really noble mission. Best wishes to her. :-)


  15. Congrats to your friend-what an exciting call! I wanted to serve a mission so badly...then came the hubby, ha!

    Those pj's rock!