The Wild West in Wyoming Pt. 2/2

This post is from the same Wyoming vacation as: 
Camping at Shell Reservoir Pt. 1

Camping at Shell Reservoir Pt. 2
The Wild West in Wyoming Pt. 1/2 !

Saturday - August 6, 2011

This day was another solid day in Burlington, WY.
Burlington is 30 minutes away from Cody.
Who has been to Cody, WY?
Surprisingly some of you readers have which is crazy in my opinion :)

We started off the day right with horseback riding.
Who loves horses because I do!?
Some of my cousins and I went horseback riding around the little town. The horses belonged to my Grandpa Gormley's nephew, Randy Gormley.
They were so nice to get them out and all saddled up for us.

When I was younger in elementary school I went to Pony Camp at some farm in Fort Collins, CO.
I had a splint on as my left wrist was broken but that didn't stop me. We learned how to bathe and groom the ponies. We learned how to call them in from the fields and put their halters on. [I remember one day I was chasing my pony forever because it wouldn't listen haha.] We learned how to saddle them up and pick their hooves. We picked up their poop from the corrals. And of course we rode them all over. I loved that camp! It was for a week long and I've always wanted to take lessons, specifically equestrian and jump them!

AND...of course wear the cute outfits!
Cute khaki riding pants, riding boots, Navy blazer, and black hat with a chin strap :)
Anyone else beg their parents for a horse and never get one?
One time in Cody, WY, while visiting my grandparents, I got some fools gold from a random tourist shop. I thought it was practically gold so on our way home to my grandparent's, I begged my dad to stop by the farmers on the way. I begged for him to trade the fool's gold for a pony or horse for me. At this time we were living in CO in a neighborhood which a horse would not be welcomed as our backyards were too small and not zoned for horses haha. I was so mad and upset and I never got my horse or pony! Lol. [Note: I was also in elementary school here. Thankfully haha.]

Randy's wife & Hunter (my brother) riding
This picture isn't the best but we went 4wheeling in the badlands!
This was maybe the scariest 4wheeling I have ever done because we rode up and down hills that I didn't think we should ever attempt. We took the Ranger and same with my grandparent's smaller Ranger/4wheeler hybrid thing. Luckily Kevin and my dad are very skilled drivers!
Let's just say the smell of SAGE was so strong here as we flew through the dirt, brush, rocks, and skulls. Yep we saw some random skulls here and there.
My Uncle sells these buffalo heads...these are smaller ones, any takers haha?
Kevin & my cousin Wes played ping pong...
and we picked up more bullets for the 22!
I like 22 guns better because they don't have a kick and are quieter.
Surprisingly I shot a soda can on my first attempt, standing up!
I didn't even steady it on something.
Then after that amazing first shot it all went downhill ha.
Just a skull I found where we were shooting by.
What do you think it is? Coyote?
After shooting we did some more archery and played a doubles tennis match at Randy's tennis courts in Burlington. Another long but fun day. We drove home the next day, August 7, 2011.
That was my camping + family reunion trip!


  1. At least there is a trail where you went 4wheeling. My dad's favorite places to 4wheel are rocky and crazy and insane and I get super nervous. haha! I also get nervous on horses. I'm just so small. I think they're beautiful though. :)

    SOOooooo, you should PROBABLY go look at my blog today. Probably. :)

  2. Looks like you had a blast! Reading this makes me want to ride a horse! I'll have to beg my husband for a horse now--or at least a horseback riding date!

  3. Looks amazing!! I love horses. Need to take a vacation like this.

  4. I love horseback riding AND fourwheeling AND shooting guns...I need a reunion like this! So fun! We actually had a couple of horses growing up but left them when we moved:-(

  5. I showed my husband those buffalo heads and he almost lost it! He wants one to hang in our future home office one day so bad! Of course, you look gorgeous as always!

  6. Awesome pictures as always, Wyoming looks gorgeous!