The Wild West in Wyoming Pt. 1/2

This post is from the same Wyoming vacation as  
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Friday - August 5, 2011

We visited my sweet grandparents (my dad's parents) and hung out at their house in Burlington, WY.

Our day consisted of:
Shotgun shooting skeet...
Finally, I hit 1 clay pigeon!
I am horrible at shotgun shooting so this was a big step in the right direction haha.
Let's just say this was my first time I ever shot a moving clay pigeon!
I have gone shooting several times now!
And PS. my headphones I am wearing are bomb.
They minimize the loud noise of the shotgun while increasing your hearing for people's talking and whatnot. I recommend them to anyone who has sensitive ears around guns ha. We had one pair and got another at Walmart before we came up here and I unfortunately lost to Kevin and we got a black pair and not pink ones...lol.
My cousin Wes & Kevin shooting in the badlands.
My dad and his dad, Grandpa Gormley shooting.
After skeet shooting we played archery, a game of kickball with the cousins, had dinner and an anniversary cake for my grandparents (Happy 60th Anniversary Grandma & Grandpa Gormley!)!
Then we watched an evening of fireworks and had the BEST cookies ever from my grandpa's nephews' family who live nearby. Of course Katinka is a wimp and was in her kennel in our Jeep. She hates loud noises.
Anyone heard of the Thunder shirt?!
I kind of want to get it. It is a dog outfit that helps dogs with anxiety, fireworks, separation anxiety, and random things like that. Anyone hear anything good or bad? I think you can only get them online!
Me & my cousin Brittany Lenski!
By the way she rocks at shotgun shooting.
Like she is really good and shot a bunch of clay pigeons in a row. Jealous haha.
 Now to
The Wild West in Wyoming Pt. 2/2 coming soon!

I hope you are not bored of my camping pictures and outdoorsy things! I am almost done :)


  1. Headphones that limit shotgun noise but increase speaking levels? Shirts that help anxious dogs?! I just learned so much. haha! Wow. I am a terrible shot with a gun, but I am great with a bow and arrow. Weird?

  2. I don't think I could hit one clay pigeon :) way to go!

  3. I've never shot a gun and truth is, they kind of scare me...prob because I just know nothing about them! Let me know if you get that thunder shirt- if it works I need one for my dog, i feel SO bad for him during storms he gets so frightened!

  4. gotta love it...that's looks totally intense!

  5. Umm... for "camping" you seriously look like a rock star. So gorgeous. I would look like a mess!

  6. You shooting one clay pigeon is better than I've ever done, so kudo's to you. Outdoorsy stuff is the best!

  7. I love being outdoors!! You should have put your foot down and demanded the pink headphones!! Works for me every time haha

  8. The sound of guns always scares me, but I've definitely shot my most of my Dad's guns before. He's a hunter and my aim...is definitely not as good as his haha.

    You guys travel so much!

  9. I love being outdoors so I never get sick of posts like these! You represent cool girls;-) Happy 60th anniversary to your grandparents, that is amazing!