Want to Win Something?

Nope, I'm not giving away Katinka!
You wish!
We have a special giveaway coming up once I reach 200 followers!
I am not telling you what it is, but it is good!
It may or may not be hosted by a sponsor of mine! :)
AND...there will be not one but TWO winners!

So, if you are not already following my little blog, please follow my blog via Google Friend Connect
*thankyouvermuch* and tell your family and friends! Spread the word ladies! I'm asking for your help I guess :) That is all!

Photography by Tiffany Rebecca
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PS. Proof winning is possible...I won some super cute earrings this week from Gentri Lee, a tote because I retweeted a tweet via Twitter a few weeks ago, and some Cocoa Bean cupcakes from the Haolepinos blog a couple of weeks ago! Sometimes it really does pay off entering those giveaways! :)


  1. You are beautiful! So excited to see what your give away is.

  2. Can't WAIT for your giveaway! :D And I'm so excited to send you those earrings! I'm sorry if it takes a couple weeks. I'm useless when my family is in town... haha!

  3. I can't wait for your giveaway! I'll find you some more followers!! :]

  4. 3 giveaways? Yay for you! Cant wait for yours!