SYTYCD: I wish I was a Contemporary or a Samba dancer...

From the very beginning Caitlynn Lawson was my favorite dancer!
She is just amazing!
And maybe it makes her cooler that she danced at...get ready for this...
my mom's friends' sister's dance studio!
And is sort of Mormon or was Mormon :) That doesn't really matter but is cool.
If you've been watching So You Think You Can Dance or watched the finale already you know that she did not win. She made it to the top 6 and the top 6 results show is as far as I've watched so don't spoil who really wins the whole thing!
And don't kill me. But I think Melanie & Sasha are overrated. Their dancing is amazing but sometimes they bug me. Don't hate don't hate!!! Since everyone loves them!!! It's mainly Sasha since I thought she was annoying at the beginning of the season when she and her sister were on the show in Vegas.


Caitlynn & Marko
Heavy in Your Arms by Florence + The Machine

 I also like this samba dance, but definitely not as much as the last dance!
Just thought I'd throw it on here :)
AND it kind of reminds me of Zumba which I miss!

Caitlynn & Pasha
Always loved Pasha on the show.

Happy dancing everyone :)

Also, I wish I was a Jazz dancer...

I'm off to Denver and Boulder for the day to go back to school shopping with my family and help Patrick move into his apartment at CU!


  1. Agree completely! Sasha bugs me to no end!

  2. these dances are amazing. love them both! oh and happy anniversary the other day :)

  3. Love these dances! I have never really watched SYTYCD other than on YouTube but I think I just might have to start. Dancers are so talented!

  4. Amazing, I almost can't watch this show becasue wish I could dance like that so badly!!

  5. sasha annoyed me too! especially since every dance she was in, she'd bend her knees in almost every position. she was always so low to the ground in her style it just bugged me.

  6. I've never watched So You Think you can Dance! Love her name though :)

  7. I wish I could dance at all, but I am horrible!

  8. I just love dancing! Especially contemporary and ballroom and salsa and.. ok I love all dancing!

  9. i am SO behind on this season.. it makes me sad. but those routines were Amazing. makes me miss dancing so badly. i need to start taking an adult class or something to get my fix! have fun school shopping :) glad we are bloggy friends girl.


  10. LOOOOVE those videos! LOVE to dance! That show makes me miss dancing SO bad. Thanks for sharing.

  11. oh yeah, Sasha was just sooooo annoying wasn't she? =)

  12. I know I didn't think Sasha shoulda been in the top 4. I liked Caitlynn too, but I felt bad because she would get all of the hard ballroom dances & everybody else got contemporary every week. I still thought all of them were amazing dancers though!! I wish I could go see their tour.

  13. I've never been much of a dancer. Oh, I'm pretty good at Just Dance or Dance Dance Revolution, but that is about it. My girls though can dance like you wouldn't believe! I have two that love to dance on their toes. They also do jazz. My third daughter should get her point shoes this year.

  14. Yeah, Melanie and Sasha got lucky a lot on what dances they pulled. Especially Melanie. She only did a SMALL handful of dances that were contemporary. And if you watch those...most of them weren't terrific. I thought Sasha would be one of the first to go, but I admit she got better with time. She is annoying, though. I loved Caitlyn! She had the best hair! ;) haha!