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***Update: I am currently not taking sponsorships right now***

Do you have a blog, small business, are a photographer, or own an Etsy shop and would like to advertise on Sloanbook?  Here are some options for you to consider!

(Updated 1/7/2012)
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...and growing daily!

Currently, I have three sizes for you to choose from.

1. Large Ad
Size: 200x200
Price: $15 / month
Guest Post/Giveaway/Product Review options

2. Medium Ad
Size: 200x150
Price: $10
Giveaway/Product Review options
Placed under Large ads

3. Small Ad
Size: 200x100
Price: $5
with giveaway or product review
 Placed under Medium ads

-Some Details:

*Ads run for 1 month.
*Payment done via PayPal.
*Discounts if you purchase more than 1 month. 
*For giveaways, minimum value is $10.
I recommend you offer a discount code as well but it is up to you.
*All posts/giveaways/product reviews are promoted through Twitter & Facebook to 550+ subscribers.

-Other Options & Collaborations

If you would like to trade products/services in exchange for ad space and/or a sponsorship program contact me and we can work out the details! :)

-Giveaway & Product Review Examples:

Got any other ideas to throw out there for me, let me know! I would love to work with you!
Contact me: sloanbookblog@gmail.com