I Love Utah: Kirra's Wedding + Friends Pt. 2/2

Thursday - August 11, 2011

This day was the day I could see my friends! It was very last minute and most everyone had work so I couldn't spend much time with anyone as I barely had any time at all here in Utah!

I met up with Amanda Castleberry at The Gateway mall in Salt Lake City. We ate at Rumbi Grill and talked nonstop trying to catch up. We barely caught up with anything that has been going on with our lives as we didn't have enough time haha. Then Amanda had to hurry off to a photo shoot of some cheerleaders, as she is a photographer in the Utah & California areas! While we were both at BYU she did these photos of me here and also some more that I will post soon because I realized I never posted them. :)
Funny story about The Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City, Utah:
One day I was in the car with Kevin thinking about fashion, clothes, and shopping, as usual. Then one of my subconscious thoughts came out and I whispered "I wanna go to the Gateway." Kevin said, "What?" I said, "Nothing" as I realized I had said it out loud. It may sound stupid, as it is, but I really didn't mean to say it. It was weird. It just came out and he makes fun of me for it and everyonce in awhile it comes up randomly. SO, that being said, I texted Kevin pictures of The Gateway Mall (one above) and the text read "I wanna go to the Gateway." That is all :) Haha. It may not sound funny at all, but it was :)

After I visited with Amanda in Salt Lake I drove down to Provo to see a few friends who had a little free time. I went to Shayla's apartment and we hung out and ended up eating dinner at Slab Pizza which is a little pizzeria right south of BYU's campus.
Here is Ani Van Buskirk & Shayla Forsey...both Marketing majors with me at BYU!
Ani, Shayla, & me outside of Slab Pizza
All the girls who went!
Ani & I...we both survived Marketing Strategy & Strategic Management capstone class together!  I hated that capstone class!!! Especially CompXM! Any business majors out there? :)
Shayla, me, & Rachel George... Hi Rachel if you read this! :)
Rachel was in Marketing and then switched to Finance but we had a few classes together!
After dinner I hung out with my friend Chantell Perry and then hung out a little more at Shayla's apartment for the evening.

Friday - August 12, 2011
 Friday we drove home.
See the Welcome to Colorado sign? 
Yep, Colorado is gorgeous!
 That concludes my Utah few day visit!
Stay tuned as we will be having a giveaway soon!

Who's from Utah?!
A lot of you are...I miss Utah! 

I Love Utah: Kirra's Wedding + Friends Pt. 1/2 here


  1. I love the pictures! Oh and get together with old friends is always a lot of fun. I'm having a get together with my two friends from high school. Like woah, seems like ages ago when we all got together and got to hang out. =) I hope we have just as much fun as you guys did

  2. Great photos! Sounds fun! I love your hair, btw. So cute. :)

  3. I'm from Utah and I miss it every day!! You look so pretty in these pictures! :)

  4. i'm not from Utah but I go to school at BYU-Idaho and go down to Utah a lot! love Utah!! cute pictures:)

  5. how fun to catch up with old friends. i love the gateway...so fun to walk around and shop there. your pics look awesome. I love your drive home pics!

  6. how much fun is that? I love hanging out with friends!! I miss them... about 3 of my good friend live out of town and the other 3 are here in town, but I rarely ever see them ): All of you are so gorgeous too!!

  7. I love Utah! :) But I also love Colorado, I wish I could live in either of those states...but Idaho is nice as well. You are absolutely gorgeous, and I love your hair! Just to let ya know :)

  8. I love utah. :) So glad you had fun! And I'm excited to see the giveaway!

  9. I like your funny story. :] I have stories like that with my husband that no one else seems to see the humor in the except us. Oh well. They are fun to laugh about! Also, those pictures of Colorado are GORGEOUS and it looks like your quick trip was a blast!

  10. I do love Utah! Never lived there but have been there every year of my life to visit family & friends. My favorite memory is visiting Temple Square at Christmas. Magical, Stunning, Wonderful. And of course let's you truly experience & feel the real meaning of Christmas.

  11. I seriously thought I followed your blog like, MONTHS ago. GUess I was wrong! boo! well, I fixed that! Glad I re-found you! Bloggers named Ashley, unite!!


    p.s. I am hosting a giveaway for ashley from the shine project on my blog, it is of a cute custom necklace. You should check it out and enter! The Shine Project Giveaway

  12. ohhhhh looks like a great time to me! :) glad you had fun!

  13. cute pictures! Glad you enjoyed your time in Utah.. I love it here :)

  14. It was sooo fun seeing you while you were out here!! Let me know when you are out here next, so we can do dinner again!!!

  15. You know I am from UT! :) Glad you had a great time and I love Gateway - fun shopping there.