I Love Utah: Kirra's Wedding + Friends Pt. 1/2

Last week, okay the week prior, my mom and I drove to Utah for my cousin's wedding!
I talked about it here. And that photo above is what I wore to the wedding. If it looks familiar it is because it is what I wore in my last outfit post here! Moving on.

Tuesday - August 9, 2011

We drove to Utah this day. On our way, we got stuck in traffic in Wyoming because of a truck wreck. A semi crashed, caught on fire, and the grass and brush on the median and other side of the highway all caught on fire. The highway shut down so we took a frontage road and drove around forever getting lost and then figured it out, but I hope that the driver made it...
We made it to Ogden and ate dinner at Bistro 258 with a bunch of relatives.

Wednesday - August 10, 2011
We attended my cousin Kirra's wedding in the Salt Lake City temple. Kirra was married to Brandon Branch for time and all eternity! Unfortunately I didn't get barely any good pictures because the ones I took were out of focus- no clue what happened! Here is the clearest picture I got. Kirra is so pretty!
Here is my cousin CaLon! I'm sure he would not want this picture up on the blog which is a perfect reason to put it up! I told him this will be his Facebook Profile picture and he said "Noo!" Haha. He punches me and kicks me and we make fun of each other. I am his favorite cousin, haha, probably not.
After the wedding we ate at Siegfried's Delicetessen in downtown Salt Lake City. My grandma, Omi is 100% German so whenever we have the chance we eat German food at Siegfried's or her cooking! My favorite German foods are: spaetzle, goulash, weinersnitzel, and dumplings!
Have you ever tried German food?
I am obsessed with Siegfried's. Obviously as seen here or here.
L to R: Siegfried's Delicatessen restaurant & KINDER Chocolate!!!
I've been eating this German Kinder chocolate since I was super young!
I always get it in my Christmas stockings and/or in my boots from Saint Nick (German holiday)!
So I highly recommend it.
After lunch we hung out at the hotel in Layton and then at my Aunt JaKie's house in Clearfield for a bit.
This is LuKus! You may see a resemblance with LuKus and CaLon! They are brothers!
LuKus is so cute but also likes to punch and kick me a lot haha.
Here is my grandpa who I call Opi (German)!
Opi cracks me up because he is OBSESSED with iPhoneography and Photography apps. He edits all of his photos on his iPhone (well the ones he takes w/his phone) and then sends some to my brother Zach (also obsessed) and I here and there. Who knows how many filters he has applied to this photo of himself haha. Here he is at work in Alabama as an ER doctor!
We then had a fun evening at Brandon & Kirra's reception in Ogden!
Probably one of the highlights was dancing the Thriller dance by Michael Jackson!
Overall it was a gorgeous wedding! Gorgeous couple, pretty temple, beautiful reception venue, etc! Anyways, I feel like this was pretty random so hopefully you made it haha.

PS. I Love Utah: Kirra's Wedding + Friends Pt. 2/2 coming tomorrow!
PPS. My cousins are having a giveaway on their blog Always Training Trio here!
If you love to run and workout a lot this will be a great read for you!
I really hope I win this one :)


  1. Your grandpa made me laugh with the phone apps. What a pretty bride!

  2. How exciting that they got married! Yay! Your family looks like a fun group of people. Aren't family get togethers the best? I hope you're having fun in Utah (if you're still there?)

  3. It looks like you had a blast! And I have so many cousins who just LOVE to punch and kick. Haha. Where to boys learn that?! Also, your Grandpa is funny! He should teach me some iPhone editing tips though. Future guest poster?! Haha.

  4. Your grandpa is so cute! As are your shoes!

  5. So glad you had such a great time in Utah!! :D I love it too.

  6. aw your grandpa is cute with his iphone apps! i dont even have an iphone so he is pretty cool :)