Gone in Wyoming... Guest Post: Shalyn of Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt

Still in Wyoming and today we are celebrating my Grandma & Grandpa's 60th Wedding Anniversary! Congrats to them!!! :)
Today we have the lovely Shalyn! Shalyn's blog is one of my new favorites as she is a cute momma of a cute little family moving to Missouri! All I can say is I WISH she had lived there last summer since I lived there then because we would have had a blast together...but I've definitely given her the lowdown of what you can do in Missouri! In addition to Courtney B., Shalyn has also agreed to write on how to keep your marriage fun and alive so take it away girl!

Hi all! My name is Shalyn and my little space of the blog world is called Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt.
I am stoked to be here in Ashley's lovely space- isn't she such a Ombre-hair-rocking doll? Her blog is one of my new faves and today she asked me to blog about something that I would actually consider myself an expert on: my husbands body.

Okay, I kid...she didn't exactly tell me to blog about his body, but more our relationship (as if you need anything more in a relationship...;-)) since she is celebrating her third wedding anniversary soon- hooray for anniversaries!

Cooper and I have been married for 4 years, 13 days and 21 hours. Or something like that. I really value our relationship and consider myself incredibly lucky to be his wife. Truly. I really believe all the smart people who say the key to a happy relationship is marrying your best friend. Annnnddd laughing together. A lot.
That's really what gets us through everything, isn't it? Having fun together! That along with prayer, buffets and lots of faith!
Happy 3rd anniversary to the wonderful Sloans-
Peace, love and laughing until your cheeks hurt for many more years!

Isn't she so cute? You can find out about her cute little family and their happenings on her blog HERE. Do it!!! You won't be disappointed! :) Happy Friday!


  1. LOVE Shalyn. She ALWAYS makes me laugh. ;)

    Hope you are having lots of fun, Ashley!!

  2. a post from Shalyn is ALWAYS a good time

  3. I just love Shay! I agree... laughing and prayer are incredibly important in a marriage!