Gone in Wyoming... Guest Post: Courtney B of From Here to Eternity

Today I'm hanging out with family and friends in good ol' Wyoming! 
Hopefully I didn't die of boredom on the long drive yesterday...
I am excited for Courtney B. to be taking over my blog for today because she is such a sweet girl and is also a Utah girl! I just moved away from Utah so we never had the chance to meet up but her and her husband are always doing such fun things! I asked her as well as a couple of other guest posters this week to write on ways to keep the fun in your marriage...as our 3-year anniversary is this Monday, August 8th!!! Read on!

Hi there!  I'm Courtney B. and I blog over at from here to eternity!  I am so happy to be taking over Ashley's blog today :)
I have a confession... I am just now watching the Bachelorette on hulu. I know, crazy for waiting so long! Anyway, I just finished episode 3 and Ashley's date told her that his idea of marriage is to "live in an unrealistic, idealistic bubble.  One where we are completely convinced that no one is more in love than the two of us."
I remember having that fantasy as well ;)  Sure, the idea sounds so appealing and perfect in every way... but let's be real. Marriage is hard.  I mean, I am so in love and recommend marriage to anyone and everyone, but sometimes you have to work harder than other times to love each other.
Eric and I have been married for 3 years (a very short time when eternity is our goal-ha) and we have experienced some hard times. But I can tell you there is not a more satisfying feeling in the world than making it through a tough time together.  To keep the love and passion alive while we go through our ups and downs we can NOT afford to be selfish.  I think it is so important to make one another feel special buy surprising them with sweet gestures, or doing something for each other even if you don't really want to.  Some ways that I try to create our little bubble for my man is to:
Hide little love notes.
Cook his favorite dinner.
Wear a hot little number for him.  TMI??  My bad! :)
Rub his shoulders/back without being asked.
Bake goodies for him.  Trust me...this is a huge deal.  I'm sure there is no one that hates baking more than me :)
Set aside spending money just for Eric.  He works so hard to pay the bills, he should be able to buy stuff without worrying or stressing about how that money should be going towards bills instead.
Write him a letter.
Download some of his favorite music and put it on his i-pod for the next time he uses it.
It truly is the little things that can create your own love bubble, right? :)  What are some things you do in your relationship to keep the love/passion/attraction alive??
If you'd like to read more about us, please visit my blog anytime! :)

Isn't she just darling? She cracks me up about baking goodies...because cooking is not my thing either, but hey someday, maybe? Keep on trying, yeah!? So, her blog is so sweet and please head on over to check it out HERE! Make sure you say hi for me! :)


  1. I don't usually comment on guest posts--but this girl sure has it figured out when it comes to being a good wife! This is the kind of thing that mom's forget to tell their daughters before they get married--or when they call because they've had a fight! My mom is the best wife example I know and I try to be like her everyday. I'm glad their are more examples of good wives out there--it's the only way to truly be happily married and if you married a good man, the rough edges will just melt off with this kind of advice!

  2. Courtney is so right! It's the little things that count the most. Love the little love notes. I leave messages to my husband on our bathroom mirror ;) And wearing a hot little something for him will always do the trick!!


  3. what a cute post!
    i can't wait to have my own little love bubble....someday!!!!

    ps. i am hosting an ITUNES card giveaway if you're interested....


  4. Love this and love Courtney- she really has this wifey thing down! It really is the little things!

    Hope you are having fun!

  5. Little things are the good things. Guess I'm the one that got lucky because my boyfriend is the one doing all those things for me! Except the wearing a sexy little number... lol he doesn't do that. That might be weird.

  6. Great ideas, Court! You are too cute! It's all about the little things!

  7. Oh I love you Courtney! you're so fabulous! You're such a good wife :)

  8. oh my goodness this list is just too cute! I need to step it up in my wife duties!:) I love the one about putting his favorite music on his ipod for when he uses it...my husband would totally love that! I'll have to try it this week:)

  9. My goodness. You are quite the perfect little wife! That Eric is one lucky man!!

    p.s. I might need to take some notes from you. ;)

  10. Love this post and adore Courtney!! :)

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