Gone in Wyoming... Guest Post: Courtney Ash of Dear Darling

Hey hey all! 
Today is our first day of the guest blogger week!!! So today I am traveling to Wyoming! As in driving a long 8-ish hours through the barren wasteland! I'm sure I am bored right now so let's hope it is a fast drive!
Today I'm excited to be having Courtney Ash guest post from Dear Darling xoxo! She is one pretty girl who will for sure brighten your day! We have been blogger friends for awhile now and she actually gave me my first Blog Award HERE! She is hilarious as you will see and scatters Ha-ha's all over her posts, so I feel like we were meant to be friends! Take it away Courtney Ash!

So I was asked by the BEAUTIFUL Ashley Sloan to be a guest poster on her blog. Ummm AWESOME right!?! Because she has the cutest blog in the world and I get to show my face on here...legit! This is my first guest post so you guys can't judge.  I've been thinking for a *whole* week on what I wanted to share with you guys and I just kept drawing a blank. I didn't want to be too much of a heart breaker and make you guys bawl with my beautiful words HA. or cause too much hysteria..again HA. I actually, at this very moment, am sitting here staring at my computer screen. And you thought I had something to write about...wait, I GOT IT!  I seem to have forgotten that *you don't know me*...

WASSUP, the name is Courtney Ash (aka DD) and I am the author *gah I love saying that* of
Dear Darling xoxo. I'm *as of recently* a 20 something, well just 20 year young college student studying Public Relations. Best major evvvver, yes I know, you don't have to tell me ;) Basically I blog about...my life...and the daily stories that I SWEAR could only happen to me. My friends always joke that I would be the queen of reality TV, cause they wouldn't have to script anything. Ha so my blog is kinda my little reality show in a way ;) My grand idea for my introduction!? PICTURES...(with facts)

Fact #1 - I don't think you will ever find me without a smile on my face. I tend to think EVERYTHING is hilarious and my friends take total advantage of that. I have spit my drinks out WAY too many times to count...fail. If you ever see me at a restaurant keep at least 7ft of distance, just trying to help you out!
Fact #2 - I have an obsession with labs/golden retrievers. BUT recently I discovered the *Goldendoodle* and I promise you all this...When I graduate college that is the FIRST thing on my list to get. No but seriously, go look them up on google, THEIR ADORABLE!
Fact #3 - If I were stuck on a deserted island and could only take two things with me...
Photo Booth and my future Goldendoodle...duhhh!
Fact #4 - I'm boy crazy. Simply put. (Their 14 I'm 20) but hey, I'M STILL YOUNG PEOPLE!
Fact #5- I still play dress up to this day....don't judge. 
You know you do too, you just don't wanna admit it.
Fact #6 - I'm completely and totally obsessed with my friends. These being some (best) of them. As well as my roomies for the future year. This shall be epic.
Fact #7 - I'm spending my summer in Chicago with this beauty (Gracie) and we have had quite the adventures. ;)
2011-06-23 20.15.25
BAM. You just learned 7 facts about me. I chose the number 7 because it's my lucky number...WOAH you just learned another fact. Dangit, that means you've learned eight and eight isn't my lucky number...lame. Anyways I would love love love it if you would come over and check Dear Darling xoxo, my blog out. Making new blogging friends has to be umm, the absolute BEST, and I'm kinda liking this link up thing totally want to start doing this myself! Oh wait...I have! I started a Dear Darling xoxo LINK UP!


I haven't told you all this but I'm not just a blogger I'm a vlogger as well. UGHH that's nine facts. But anyways I started a vlogging link up and would be completely and totally honored if you came by and checked it out. No seriously...honored. But enough of me rambling. Just wanna say one last time Ashley you are so amazing for asking me to guest post and also amazing about being so patient with me! Your gorgeous! 

With all my love,

...And that is the lovely Courtney Ash! Be sure to check out her blog HERE and give her some loving! Have a great day friendlies!
PS. I am going to be slow at responding to comments as I am in Wyoming with VERY limited internet access if any...so my apologies! But I will get back to you all! :)


  1. Goldendoodles are such fantastic looking dogs. My parents had to put the family dog down a few months ago, and they both love goldendoodles and I'm *hoping* that one day they will get one!

  2. Wow- you are absolutely gorgeous! Your beautiful blonde hair and smile are the first things I see! What an inviting personality!

  3. love your "hair bow" and seriously, you are a stunning, beautiful girl!

  4. YAY for the first guest post- she NAILED it;-) So glad I discovered both of your blogs!

  5. Love Courtney Ash! She's the sweetest! And I wish I looked just like her...ha! :)
    Ashley have so much fun on your trip!!

  6. I have never heard of that breed, but I want that dog. yes, I do! You are too cute!

  7. Hey Court.. fancy seeing you 'round these parts! :)

  8. I love love love Courtney shes so awesome as are you! hahaha, goshh.. loved reading this post :)) xx

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