Gone in Wyoming... Guest Post: Bree of Simply Girly!

So I should be camping right now in northern Wyoming as well as fishing, hiking, and making tinfoil dinners! (Incase you love tinfoil dinners read this HERE)
SO I am super excited for you to meet Bree from Simply Girly (HERE)! She is one pretty girl and we have been Blogger buddies for awhile now! We have a lot in common which makes us both really cool, lets be real. We both graduated around the same time this year, have dogs, watch The Bachelorette and So You Think You Can Dance, and were looking for jobs at the same time... You will love this girl! Just make sure if you haven't watched the most current episodes of The Bachelorette/SYTYCD that you screen her tweets hehe. 
So she is  going to be talking about what it is like to have puppies!

Hey guys! My name is Bree and I blog over at Simply Girly.
a> I talk a lot about my cute dog, my awesome boyfriend, living in Toronto, and looking for work now that I’m done university. I also have a crazy obsession with NYC. Fun times I tell ya.

Moving on…I was so happy when Ashley emailed me to do a guest post, because guess what?? This is my first one! So go easy on me, ok? ;)

Ashley gave me a few possible topics that I could write about, and I decided to write about dogs. And why they’re so great. And everyone should have one. :) Growing up, I was never without a cat and dog.  So, when I moved an hour away to go to university 4 years ago, I knew I wanted a pet. I say ‘pet’ in general, because a dog was not my first choice. Believe it or not, I actually wanted a ferret. But, when I read more about them, and how they like hiding in crazy places, I moved onto cats. I searched the humane society and SPCA, but couldn’t find the right one. Then, I got my heart set on a dog. I think the reason I didn’t want a dog at first was because of all the work. Let me say, this was the exact reason my dad was so against me getting my own dog. But, 4 months after living on my own, I found the perfect dog online (a yorkie-poo), and went to see her that night. I picked her up the next day.
IMG_5532 cross
I brought her home on January 2nd (while at my parents) and my dad was so upset, he wouldn’t even come up to see her. But now? I think he loves her most out of all of us. And we all love her a lot! As everyone knows though, dogs are most definitely a lot of work. I remember crying almost every day, calling my mom at work, saying how frustrated I was with potty training her (in the winter, mind you!), and how she cried in her crate all.the.time. But I stuck with it, and now she’s a perfect little (well trained) angel who will be 4 in a few months. The rewards and love that come from having a dog are unbeatable.
Only people with dogs know how great a feeling it is to come home and have them be so excited to see you. But then again, everything is exciting in a dogs life! However, while they're super cute, put a constant smile on your face, and make you feel like a million bucks, they require a lot of patience. And a lot of love in return. So I guess what I said at the beginning, that everyone should get a dog, isn't entirely true. You have to be willing to put in the time and effort. If you don't, you will probably end up with an ill-trained dog that you will always be mad at. And that is no life for you or your dog. Just do your research and make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. And when you are ready? Love them to bits!!
Chloe 003 [BnW]
As I'm typing this up, Chloe (that's her name? Did I mention that yet?) is fast asleep on a heaping pile of blankets on my bed. I'm about to wake her up and take her for a nice long walk. She'll be pretty happy to hear that. Anyways, thanks again to Ashley for having me, and come visit me anytime at Simply Girly !

So what did ya think? Yep pets are a lot of work but SO worth it! Maybe you can join the puppy club with us! Please go look at her cute blog! This Canadian girl rocks!!! Enough said. Go visit it now!!! Right HERE!


  1. OMG your pup is the cutest. Allllmost makes me want to get one. Then I think about having to wake up early to take them out and deal with dog hair and I guess you have to feed them too? Eh ... I'm too lazy for all that! Maybe one day.

  2. Sweet little Chloe - what a cutie.

  3. Oh m gosh what a precious puppy! I love the name Chloe!

  4. This makes me miss my puppy Chloe who lives back home with my parents. What a great name!!