Dear Ashley

Today is our 3 year anniversary and I asked Kevin to write on the blog :) 
So this is the man himself!

Dear Ashley,

3 years? Wow. It surprises me because I still feel the thrill of being newlyweds. When people ask how long we've been married I have to think about it, not because I forget, 08.08.08. But because I feel like we are still in the newlywed bliss phase. And you're the reason I feel this way. You're so nice, you're sincerely kind, you're caring, you're hilarious, and you're fun to be around. 
So our first anniversary we went camping and that was a lot of fun. We had Katinka there and you yelled at her in the woods.  
*Note from Ashley: Katinka was off her leash and running up and down little trails and I couldn't catch her! So I kept chasing her screaming her name haha*   
 *1 Year Anniversary blog post HERE.*
We had a fun time. 

The second anniversary we went to Washington D.C.
We saw our friends the Castleberrys and had a blast out there and I loved being with you out there.
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Now this our third year and it'll be a little of a belated celebration but it'll be better than the rest because it'll be one more year to be with you. I love you so much and I'm such a better person because of you. Thank you for letting me post on your blog. It is a great blog. You're funny and down to earth. You are a great example to so many people. I look forward to a fun day in Denver next Saturday.
I love you more than anything in the world.

Your Eternal Companion
You'll only get to post a picture like this of me once a year, so don't get used to it.
PS. I'll be blogging soon...thanks guest posters for holding down the fort for me while I was on vacation in Wyoming! They were great, right? I'm actually headed to Utah tomorrow for a cousin's wedding! But I'll be blogging and replying to comments soon!


  1. Awe this is such a sweet post! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Oh my gosh how sweet. I'm a sap. Got a little teary eyed. I love reading about love. Haha. You guys rock.

  3. Aw very sweet :) and funny :P Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary!

    Jelenadoll <3

  4. aw i love this! you guys are too cute!

  5. awwww! how darling! happy 3rd anniversary you two!!!! :)

    ps. Ash, if you're interested, i'm hosting a $15 iTunes giftcard GIVEAWAY on my blog...


  6. Aww what a sweet post :) Happy 3 years anniversary to you both, such a great couple!

    You pave the way for all other couples following behind you.

    Niki @ LQM&M xo

  7. That is so precious!! love. love. love.

  8. ash,
    you guys are so fun to be around. you are made for each other. i hope you realize how much we all love you. happy A! -dad

  9. Um, Utah??? WHERE?!

    This is so sweet. :) I have missed your blog!

  10. AWw how sweet! Happy 3rd anniversary to the two of you. Is Katinka biting your husband in that last picture?! Haha. I hope you guys have a fun time in Denver celebrating your 3rd anniversary!

    Not sure if you have it all planned out yet, but the Hyatt downtown has a great place called the Peaks Lounge where you can watch a sunset over the mountains... it's pretty beautiful. It's super romantic and relaxing!

  11. adorable, adorable, adorable!

    happy anniversary!

  12. Oh this is the sweetest! Happy anniversary to one of the cutest couples ever! Enjoy your vacation:)

  13. Sweetest idea ever! No doubt he loves you when reading what he wrote- you two make such a beautiful couple! And girl, you rocked those bangs!You can pull off anything!

  14. I remember reading this!!! (I also see I left a comment, too!) haha...
    Thanks for linking up!! You two are so cute!

  15. This is such a sweet post!!! So happy for you guys! Happy Anniversary!! we linked up too :)

  16. Yay! I love husband posts. :) Thanks for linking up!