Chocolate Dipped Pretzels w/Peanut Butter

Anyone remember my Rolo Turtles here?
Well we made these babies the same evening!
Anyone want to name these because I don't have a good name!? 
Go ahead and give me some ideas haha.
I was just in one of those little dessert moods!

Here are the ingredients you need: 
1 bag of pretzels
1 jar of peanut butter
16 oz. bag of chocolate chips 
2 T. shortening (not pictured bc shortening is gross if you ask me)
All you do is smear a little peanut butter on and make a little peanut butter sandwich!
Make chocolate to dip them in...
Melt the chocolate and shortening, stirring occasionally until smooth. 
And this is where you can choose how much you want to make since I never really go by recipes for things like this. I just threw in chocolate and shortening and got a good chocolate mixture!
Dip those babies in!
 Make sure you put these in the fridge for a little bit so the chocolate hardens!
And there you have it!
Chocolate Dipped Pretzels w/Peanut Butter!
I think these along with our Rolo Turtles (here) will be perfect for a little holiday treat bag!

And just throwing this out there, you should probably take a look at these Cookie Stuffed Oreos here!

PS. Don't judge my photos. I've had these photos in a draft saved and they just pissed me off because they are all blurry up close haha. I am no photographer but sometime I will figure it out. Or you could help me! Tips?! Until then, enjoy the blurriness lol.


  1. Yuuuuuuuum!! You know how to make a girl drool :)

  2. for my food photos i usually change the camera setting to macro. but maybe you already tried that? its the flower button on the camera. you want the flower on. plus lighting is key. try to get the light as natural as possible.

    ps. these look so good!

  3. How about: orgasmic chocolate covered pretzels with peanut butter? Creative, I know. :P

    They look so delicious!

  4. um i want these and its 7:45 in the morning!! i am trying them for sure :)

  5. I can't wait to make these for everyone during the holiday season!! You better put some links up for us closer to Christmas as a reminder! ;)

  6. Um, YUM! I so need to try these! Maybe with white chocolate??

  7. Yummy! Wish I could eat pretzels!

  8. these look so good... i'll have to try these out! especially now that i found some gluten-free pretzels that i love!

  9. they are looking delicious! :D

  10. omg these look delish! new follower :)

  11. oops, forget to add my email! ^ but i fixed it :)

  12. These look really yummy but apparently since I am in my 30's and have 3 kids I am not allowed to eat this stuff anymore. I miss the days when I didn't know what a calorie was.

  13. I've had something similar but with ritz's instead of pretzels and completely dipped in chocolate. Yum!

  14. Yummy!! You can do this same thing except switch the pretzels for ritz crackers.... it really is good :) I'm totally checking out your roll recipe!

  15. Those look SO delish and your pictures look fine to me - usually you will get some blurriness in the background. They look great!

  16. That looks amazing!!! I am so making these!!!

  17. Ohhh wow these look SO good. I need to make these.