Camping at Shell Reservoir Pt. 2

Camping at Shell Reservoir Pt. 1 here!
Wednesday - August 3, 2011 Continued...

So we went fishing once we set up the tent and got all situated. 

Kevin wore his fishing waders and ventured his way into the lake.
We got a pink fly rod from Walmart for me to use...got to fish in style right?! 
Kevin had more success than me...I needed to be able to cast my fly out further!
But I did catch this guy!
I'm so thankful that Kevin ran over to me because I could NOT get the hook out of the little fish's mouth!
It was very stuck in there! I also got a few bites and a few fell off when I was reeling them in. I got 2 haha which is not so good but I was taking care of Katinka as she was acting weird!
Anyone ever tried coconut marsh mellows?! Well they are good!
If you haven't and you like coconut, I highly recommend them!
We also made tinfoil dinners and lets just say the men made this circular wall of fire around the tinfoil dinners and they practically got charred! Some people's were better than others so we didn't get much out of that meal. Unfortunately it was the main meal we were eating out in the mountains so the next day we were kind of famished haha. We bought muffins for the morning breakfast and bing cherries and that is basically all we ate that day...not good lol.

Want to know how to make bomb tinfoil dinners and desserts?!

I promise I have some SUPER yummy ideas for you :)
Check out the post here!

A gorgeous Wyoming sunset!
Anyone else think it is cute when little dogs do little barks? More like "rufff" and "grrrs". Well Katinka fell asleep with me in my sleeping bag and apparently my little brother went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and my dad went with him. Katinka woke up because of them walking by our tent and was barking softly and it woke me up ha. I think her little bark is so cute. Anyways, maybe that is just me...

Thursday - August 4, 2011 

We woke up and went fishing some more!
Kevin was very successful and me not so much.
I kept catching little reeds, twigs, and leafy things...
I needed to be out there more in the lake to cast where the fish were!
And here is depressed Katinka. I put her kennel, bed, food and water dishes, and her potty pad in the car for her so she could walk around and feel more comfortable away from the campfire and she was so lame! She literally hid in all of this stuff in the trunk...look at her! So antisocial!
Kevin and I went 4wheeling up to another lake by the lake we were at and 4wheeled through rivers and it was so gorgeous! I so wish we could take the 4wheeler out more often! When I say 4wheeler I mean our Ranger. We packed up and 4wheeled out of that area and stopped by the lower campsites where there is a good river for fishing.
Here is Kevin and my dad fly fishing away!
My dad caught this fish and Katinka gave it a kiss!
Driving away from Shell Reservoir and the camping areas we passed by this scenic area where there is a huge waterfall! I have pictures but I think I am getting too many in this post, sorry :)
And that is our camping adventure out at Shell Reservoir in northern Wyoming!

Incase you missed it, Camping at Shell Reservoir Pt. 1 here!


  1. Looks like so much fun! You guys are such a pretty couple :)

  2. So fun!! Rangers are good too. 4wheelers are more my style though. Haha! This trip seriously looks like it was a blast though! Makes me want to go camping again. :) and katinka is so cute! I love little barks!

  3. okay, stop it right now. You look WAY too cute to be camping. Not allowed.

  4. so much fun! i love camping. katina is adorable, i love little barks hah!

  5. Beautiful pictures!! I have a pink fishing rod from Walmart, too! TWINS!!

  6. i am so loving your hair right now! so long and pretty

  7. This looks like such a great time! Thanks for visiting my blog! :) My hubby is a plastic surgeon in training...he is doing his residency.

  8. What a cute blog!

    I lived in CO for all of seven years after I was born. Then my family moved to Northern VA right outside of Washington, DC. This is where I reside today. Most my extended family's still out there though and I'd love to visit there again. Judging from your pics, it's still beautiful!

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful trip and fishing is so much fun! My family has a cabin in Idaho and it's actually over looking the river so it really makes you appreciate nature. Ha ha your doggy was a little anti-social but maybe she just didn't know what to do about all of the excitement! ;)

  10. ohhh Wyoming looks beautiful. You make the outdoors look like so much fun (it probably is anyway) I am not an oudoor person ): I try to be, but fail terribly. To make it worst I have 4 sons, who love to go fishing ):

  11. Coconut marshmallows!! Jealous of your camping as I have yet to go this summer :(