Camping at Shell Reservoir Pt. 1

Tuesday - August 2, 2011
We drove up to Cody, Wyoming and stopped by my Grandparents house to say hi to them and the relatives there. They live in a little town half an hour away from Cody called Burlington. Population 300 haha.

Wednesday - August 3, 2011
Katinka & I were trying to keep from being bored haha.
On our way to Shell Reservoir (where we camped) we stopped by A&W in Greybull. Funny thing is that this one is SUPER old and apparently my dad and his siblings used to eat there when they were younger.
We drove by this place called Dirty Annie's and yes it was dirty haha. The bathrooms were filthy and everything was SUPER expensive. I think because it is the last place to buy anything until you get into the mountains. We bought one of those Styrofoam ice chests to put food in and they charged $6! Are you kidding? Those are like less than a dollar at Walmart or anywhere else. Very dirty place haha. Whenever I go through small towns I always think hmmm where would I work? I wouldn't want to work at Dirty Annie's lol. I think it is like population 50 here ha.
Here we are at a lookout point. Apparently there is VERY good fly fishing if you take a dangerous hike down to the river from where I am. We may have tried it but my brother Hunter was with us and it is just too dangerous. My dad took the editors of Fly Fishing magazine here.
Okay can you see Katinka's tongue? HAHA.
Our little family!
We drove to the campsites and for some reason they were all full. Funny thing is there were TONS of bikers with their Harley Davidson motorcycles in Wyoming this week because they were on their way to Sturgis. So there weren't any good campsites where we planned to camp. My dad's Land Rover was pulling our Ranger (4wheeler thing) on a trailer and we ditched the trailer and my brother decided to drive it. We pretty much off-roaded for 8 miles up into this gorgeous lake area where there are no camp sites but people camp at.
Here we are at a high point of the mountain.
Then I hopped on the Ranger with my two brothers who came (Patrick & Hunter) and we four wheeled down into the reservoir. It was so pretty!
Here is the lake that we 4wheeled down into!
Crazy is that driving in a 4wheeler is so much smoother than driving in our Jeep Commander or any big SUV. It takes the bumps so much better!
This is Hunter and he is walking Katinka here!
I wouldn't trust her to be off her leash haha.
Yes, this is our campsite, about 6 ft from a big lake!
Gorgeous right?
Kevin and I have a 5 person tent and Hunter said it was a mansion tent because my dad and brothers stayed in a tinier one ha. I love big tents, because we always bring the blow up mattress but we couldn't find it when we were packing, as most of everything we own is in our parent's detached garage... but we did go out to Sports Authority and bought some self-inflating sleeping pads which are perfect for backpacking!
So Katinka got a rash!
Anyone else have dogs that have gotten a rash like this? She got 10 little red spots all over her tummy and lower legs. They looked like blood blisters (that is how red they were) but they were flat and nothing was in them. There was a black little dot in the middle of them. I was pretty worried as I didn't have Internet so I couldn't google it and see what it may be. As we had a bonfire she freaked out (because she is afraid of them) so it is hard to tell if she was acting weird from her rash or the bonfire. She didn't really eat her food and just wanted to stay in her kennel in the Jeep. So lame! She is supposed to love being outdoors! Dang fire. As soon as I got Internet I googled it and think she got bit by black flies and called the vet to be sure. They wanted to see her but when I brought her in they thought she was fine so that was a waste of time haha. She still isn't eating her food that well though...thoughts?
Well, sorry that was a ton of pictures but I took so many and really did narrow it down for the ones on the blog! Ah, I love camping.

 Where is your favorite place to camp?!  

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  1. It's probably just bug bites... i hope! What a fun trip though! Camping and 4wheeling is THE BEEEEST! :D I always go on the 4 wheeler over staying in the car.

  2. Oh my...those small towns sometimes gives me the creeps. Dirty Annie's leaves something to be desired haha

  3. Oh my gosh, my Dad grew up right outside of Cody! I've been all over that area! So cool :)

  4. Those are so awesome views!
    Hope Katinka is better soon! Poor pup :(

  5. My fave place to camp is somewhere remote with a great view!

  6. I love camping so much! looks like you had so much fun. and what a cute DOG!

    The House of Shoes

  7. I've never spent any time anywhere near Wyoming, but how gorgeous! I have no idea about Katinka's rash but I'd definitely bring her to the vet. It's probably just a few bites or some plant reaction but still, never hurts to get it checked!

  8. cute pictures! i have been to cody and it beautiful!! poor little Katina. hopefully you find out what it is and its nothing big! have fun :)

  9. Not much of a camper, but WY is beautiful! Also, to answer your question, I am already done with school! I have my teaching degree and am a teacher! Super fun! Derek is a 3rd year medical student, so anytime I talk about "school" its him. YES, I count his school work as mine too! I give up WAYYYYYYY to much time for him to study to give him all the credit! ha ha ha

  10. camping is just so much fun! i love your photos and your blog. newest follower :-)