5 Reasons to Throw Out Your Old Makeup

I came across this great article titled "5 Reasons to Throw Away Your Old Makeup" from Chictopia HERE and if you know me I love de-hoarding and organization articles/reads! I am definitely not a hoarder like the people on TV but I do have a lot of stuff. Let's be real. 
I like it when there are "rules" to go by! 

Here are 5 points that I've taken from this article!
Note: This is an excerpt and there is a lot more at the site HERE.

"1. You say: I don’t remember when I bought it, but this blush doesn’t have an expiration date on it. So, I can still keep it!
Reality: Yes, makeup does expire – even if it doesn’t say so. If you live in Europe, EU requires expiration dates on cosmetics, however, for us Americans, most products don’t even have the same regulations. Still, there are a couple of ways that you can find out when your product could expire.
- One is by finding a ‘batch code’ on the packaging box. A batch code usually looks unrecognizable containing letters and numbers (i.e., “0ZA25”). You can go on CheckCosmetic.net where you type in the batch code and locate the expiration date of the product. The website does not include all brands, but they do list popular makeup brands like, MAC, L’Oreal, and even NYX.
- Two is by looking at this little symbol of a jar with a number in the middle. This symbol is usually located on the back of the product. The number indicates the number of months that this product will expire from the day you bought it (i.e., 24 = 24 months from now, the foundation will expire). This symbol isn’t as accurate as the batch code but more or less, it’s still something.

2. You say: Yeah, the lipstick does taste kind of funky, but the expiration date says it’s okay to keep using it.
Reality: Wearing expired makeup damages the skin since you may be prone to infections from those yucky germs. Even if the expiration date doesn’t say it has expired yet, it’s better to be on the safe side when the product has an off colour/texture or tastes funky. Keep track of expiration dates by marking your makeup of when you think they will expire. The marked up date will constantly remind you on when to toss away that makeup. Yes, it makes the packaging look ugly, but your face will thank you.

3. You say: I love this blue eyeshadow colour, maybe I’ll use it when the right occasion comes up.
Reality: If you haven’t touched it (let alone remove the plastic packaging), then maybe you really don’t love the blue colour. If you’re not certain on whether or not you’ll be using that particular item, you should definitely throw it away. Prolonging the tossing will just make you feel guiltier and possibly keep even more items on your shelf just because you ‘might use them.’

4. You say: This mascara costs a fortune! Throwing it away is like tossing cash into the trash.
Reality: You’ll probably end up spending even more money on buying storage for your old cosmetics than the cosmetics alone. Also, if you get an infection, taking a trip to the dermatologist will cost way more than that Dior mascara. So, you’re actually saving more money when you’re tossing away that old makeup. Yay!

5. You say: I can’t throw it away – this is my favourite eyeliner!
Reality: Combining all the above excuses, you just can’t seem to part way with your favourite eyeliner or other favourite beauty product. Though we like to say certain products are our favourites, makeup companies come up with new items almost every three months! It’ll be hard to try new products if you keep that old eyeliner of yours. Even the adage rings true for makeup, ladies, “out with the old, in with the new.”"

One of my favorite tips was the site that checks your makeup's expiration HERE! I looked up some of my makeup and let's just say some of it was really old like older than 70 months lol. AND what is probably even worse is the lipstick I wore when I grew up clogging and then dancing at BYU was my mom's lipstick...from when she was younger! So throwing all of that out! 
And...if I happen to get into dance again I can always go buy bright red lipsticks from Target for a few bucks. No big deal, right? Obviously I'm sure you can be totally fine using expired makeup but hey what if you got some weird infection? Eh, just helps me throw out the makeup I wore in high school and don't wear anymore! I now use Bare Minerals, Mac, & random things from Sephora!

Wearing expired makeup dancing on BYU's International Folk Dance Ensemble teams :)
Amanda Castleberry & I on 10RB team
Christmas Around the World 2008
Dance from the Philippines
L to R: Mary, Sydney, Katrina,Jeneca (above), Kourtney (below), me on 9 Wilk team
Christmas Around the World 2007
Dance from Hungary
L to R: Sydney, me, Katrina on 9 Wilk team
Spring Festival of Nations 2008
Dance from Mexico
When in doubt, throw it out!


  1. Oh goodness I have a lot of make up to throw away. I try to cut it down every couple of months, but I still have expired stuff.
    At least it's an excuse to go buy some new products. (:

  2. oh the beloved RED dancing lipstick. great post girl! now i better get going through my stuff.. and buying new makeup ;) even though i am pretty good about getting rid of the old. LOVIN your blog.


  3. This really made me want to go through my make-up! I need to do that, and get rid of the old stuff. Thanks for this.

    New follower, love your blog :)


  4. SO, I really need to listen to this advice. I'm so bad about holding onto my makeup FOREVER.

  5. Eeeek!! Ok I know I have expired Old gross makeup that needs to be tossed! Doing it when I get home!

  6. Hahaha love what You posted about anonymous...I have a jerk anonymous commenter too!

  7. great tips! we definitely have to remember to throw our make up and great reminder when in doubt throw it out!
    i love the photos by the way!

  8. Makeup is something I do not hoard, but these are great tips :)

  9. I loved this post! It actually made me want to go and clean out all my makeup!

    Thanks for the nice comment; I'm now following you as well.

  10. Thanks for sharing! I had no idea. I don't wear much make up, but I will be going through mine soon! And, I have the same dance pictures from back in high school. Oh the eye lash glue still haunts me!

  11. You do your make up so perfectly! Post on how you get your face looking SO flawless!