I may have a disease...

This is long, so you don't have to read it. 
But it is true. I may have Ankylosing Spondylitis. 
(Weird name I know.)


Ankylosing Spondylitis: is a type of chronic inflammation of the spine and sacroiliac joints (low back where the bone directly above the tailbone meets the bones on either side of the upper buttocks). Some symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis are pain and stiffness in and around the spine area, and fatigue. There is no cure for this autoimmune disease but only treatments, such as physical therapy and exercise, and medications that can reduce the symptoms. More info at: Spondylitis Association of America

I went to the Rheumatologist on Monday, August 29, 2011 and got X-Rays on my SI joints (butt joints if you will) afterwards. I will probably find out today if I have this autoimmune disease so I am waiting to hear back from them.

If we want to get technical here, I have this rare gene HLA-B27 that is associated with Ankylosing Spondylitis (yep that is the name of the disease, kind of dumb if you ask me). My mom's aunt has this disease and gets bad eye infections often and has a lot of pain in her spine and back. It is a genetic disease. My mom has this gene and a few of my siblings do so it runs in the family. And I don't have Lupus and have a negative Rheumatoid factor whatever that means...so this is most likely!

If you have this disease you may get uveitis which is a really horrible eye infection. If you get uveitis, the eye infection, you may have this disease, but it is pretty rare.

Anyways, so I used to get weird inflammation eye infections often in high school where I would have to wear glasses for a few months and do steroid eye drops. I eventually had to get the one a day contacts (so throw away each day) because no other contacts would work with my eyes. They would just get infected.

While at BYU, I got a really bad eye infection called iritis or anterior uveitis (the one associated with this disease) in which I could have gone blind had I not gone to the ophthalmologist. It is a kind of rare eye infection. It was so bad that I skipped my classes and skipped my Finance midterm completely because I couldn't study. Whenever I'd move my eye even with my eyelid closed I would have intense pain. The lights bothered me so I hung out in the dark. I even wore an eye patch so I could go out and get things done. Now that was AWKWARD. I met with a Finance tutor with it lol and even went to several dance classes at BYU. Now let me tell you, with one eye, dancing is hard because your perceptions are off! And it didn't help I had a dance performance with tons of lifts and I only had one eye! I put in my contacts just for that few hours. So my ophthalmologist wanted me to look into this disease because I got this infection and told him I had a relative who got them very often. This is when I found out I had the gene. I saw a doctor at the BYU Health Center and they said to see a rheumatologist but I didn't because I was cheap and poor haha and my symptoms went away for awhile.

Kind of like it said earlier, this disease is associated with lots of back pain. I had back pain in high school a little bit and got a few massages. Serving in tennis made it hurt. This whole summer I've had back pain. I didn't know if it was because I am in a smaller bed so kind of cramped or maybe I'm not exercising as much as I lost my gym membership? Thanks Golds Gym for not transfering my membership to the closest/only gym location here!

So I met with a rheumatologist earlier this week and we'll see the results probably today. If I have it then I may be in chronic pain for the rest of my life...
and FREAKY... if I had it horribly, my spine could fuse...


I don't think that'll happen. The girl at the office says it happens in severe cases mostly with men, so good thing I'm a girl :) She said to not be afraid because when you google this disease you always find these sick pictures.

The hard thing about diagnosing this disease is that they will do X-Rays and sometimes it will come back negative and then a few years later it will come up positive so you never really know. They can also do MRI's so they may do that if they think its necessary after seeing the results today.

Oh and there isn't a cure. There are meds you can take and also it is good to exercise a lot and stretch so I may need to get a Yoga membership so I can do it everyday and get flexible!

Anyways, there is a lot more to this disease and if for some odd reason you know a person who has it please tell me what you know!

Anyone out there have an autoimmune disease?!

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Random Facts + Blog Award!

Tiffany Rebecca Photography
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Here is who I have chosen! And I could have chosen so many more :)

Here are 7 random facts about me...
1. I am married to Kevin and we both graduated from BYU in April of 2011 so very recent! We both graduated from the Marriott School of Management; me in Marketing and Kevin in Entrepreneurship! We got to take classes together and that was fun...Business Writing (MCOM 320), Entrepreneurial Marketing, & Strategic Management :) I am missing Utah and school a little bit and the friends there...

2. I am a National Champion in Clogging. My team and I competed at Nationals and we won! That was in Junior High. I got into Clogging a little at BYU as well!
Picture above is my sister Kelsi, Caitlynn, & me in our cheer-leading outfits (yes we had a cheer-leading clogging dance complete with flips and splits and a pyramid) at a competition!

3. I love fashion and shopping so much! I love Nordstrom and I am missing Nordstrom because the closest one is not 5 minutes away anymore but is almost an hour away in Boulder! Only problem with living in Fort Collins...

4. I worked at a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Center for at-risk youth in Provo, Utah and I miss those girls who were in my unit! There were some fun times with funny stories and maybe some that are NOT so funny and maybe even a little scary.  It was a great experience and I learned so much from it! Also the girls and guys there are really great kids!

5. One of my fingers doesn't straighten. It is a trigger finger haha. If I try really hard I can straighten it!

6. We don't have a baby but have a long-haired chihuahua! She is named Katinka and is a little over 2 years old!

7. I am part German, Irish, Scottish, Czechoslovakian, Swedish, English, and um, some other things as well!

Happy Tuesday and don't forget about the giveaway! :)


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We Travel The World

So I added a new Page on the blog. 
Click on Our Many Travels above or click here.
Yep my passport. I LOVE getting stamps! I'm in St. Petersburg, Russia here! :)

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do and Kevin & I have been to many fun places together!
Unfortunately I did not start this blog before our marriage otherwise I would have documented a Mediterranean cruise and two week trip to Japan!
And when I was in high school, Germany!
But I made this Page (with a lot of work/frustration as the 'Pages' are not centered, help?!?!) so you could see posts in some of the exotic and amazing places Kevin and I have traveled! :)

Here are some links just in case you don't want to keep clicking to something of interest.

The Conspiracy boarding Celebrity Cruises
Amsterdam, Holland
Copenhagen, Denmark
Tallinn, Estonia
St. Petersburg, Russia Day 1
St. Petersburg, Russia Day 2
Helsinki, Finland
Stockholm, Sweden
Warnemunde & Berlin, German Part 1
Warnemunde & Berlin, Germany Part 2
Cruise Itinerary

(click here)
Shell Reservoir, Wyoming
1 year Anniversary in Utah

Ski & Snowboarding Getaways 
(click here)
The Canyons, UT
Breckenridge, CO
Copper Mountain, CO

Honeymoon in Jamaica

(click here)
More posts coming...

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter 
at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida
(click here)

Tokyo, Japan
(click here)
Just a little on the trip

{Note: And this will have to be edited/updated later as I have too many trips :)}
We love Jamaica!


Chocolate Dipped Pretzels w/Peanut Butter

Anyone remember my Rolo Turtles here?
Well we made these babies the same evening!
Anyone want to name these because I don't have a good name!? 
Go ahead and give me some ideas haha.
I was just in one of those little dessert moods!

Here are the ingredients you need: 
1 bag of pretzels
1 jar of peanut butter
16 oz. bag of chocolate chips 
2 T. shortening (not pictured bc shortening is gross if you ask me)
All you do is smear a little peanut butter on and make a little peanut butter sandwich!
Make chocolate to dip them in...
Melt the chocolate and shortening, stirring occasionally until smooth. 
And this is where you can choose how much you want to make since I never really go by recipes for things like this. I just threw in chocolate and shortening and got a good chocolate mixture!
Dip those babies in!
 Make sure you put these in the fridge for a little bit so the chocolate hardens!
And there you have it!
Chocolate Dipped Pretzels w/Peanut Butter!
I think these along with our Rolo Turtles (here) will be perfect for a little holiday treat bag!

And just throwing this out there, you should probably take a look at these Cookie Stuffed Oreos here!

PS. Don't judge my photos. I've had these photos in a draft saved and they just pissed me off because they are all blurry up close haha. I am no photographer but sometime I will figure it out. Or you could help me! Tips?! Until then, enjoy the blurriness lol.


Photography by Tiffany Rebecca

Remember when I was so excited to have an anniversary photo shoot 
with my sweet husband Kevin here?
Well today I am finally going to show you a lot of the pictures from it!
Tiffany Rebecca was our photographer (& current sponsor- check her out!) and we are thrilled with the results.
I am going to show you some of my favorite photos!
I really enjoyed this photo shoot.
If you know Kevin, you know he is not a fan of photo shoots. And I am! :) The last time we were in a photo shoot together was on our wedding day! As soon as Tiffany arrived, we felt very comfortable. She has an easy going personality that makes even the people who dislike photo-shoots feel at ease, *cough* Kevin. Our shoot was fun and even Kevin started thinking of poses to try! Tiffany knew exactly what to do and took some amazing photos.  She also moved us around so that she could get our best angles, which was very appreciated :) Bonus! She kept taking pictures of Katinka (our chihuahua) left and right as she is also a dog person! She was also very flexible when scheduling this shoot as Kevin and I both travel a lot. It made it a lot easier and less stressful on us. Whenever Kevin and I move out of my parents house into our own place I am so excited to hang some of these pictures up! :) I have posted other pictures from this shoot within a few posts now so take a look here to see some more.

If you need new photos and who doesn't?! Please take a look at
Tiffany Rebecca Photography! You will be happy you do!
She mainly does photography in Utah, Illinois, & Colorado but will really travel anywhere!

Tiffany Rebecca Photography:

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I Love Utah: Kirra's Wedding + Friends Pt. 2/2

Thursday - August 11, 2011

This day was the day I could see my friends! It was very last minute and most everyone had work so I couldn't spend much time with anyone as I barely had any time at all here in Utah!

I met up with Amanda Castleberry at The Gateway mall in Salt Lake City. We ate at Rumbi Grill and talked nonstop trying to catch up. We barely caught up with anything that has been going on with our lives as we didn't have enough time haha. Then Amanda had to hurry off to a photo shoot of some cheerleaders, as she is a photographer in the Utah & California areas! While we were both at BYU she did these photos of me here and also some more that I will post soon because I realized I never posted them. :)
Funny story about The Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City, Utah:
One day I was in the car with Kevin thinking about fashion, clothes, and shopping, as usual. Then one of my subconscious thoughts came out and I whispered "I wanna go to the Gateway." Kevin said, "What?" I said, "Nothing" as I realized I had said it out loud. It may sound stupid, as it is, but I really didn't mean to say it. It was weird. It just came out and he makes fun of me for it and everyonce in awhile it comes up randomly. SO, that being said, I texted Kevin pictures of The Gateway Mall (one above) and the text read "I wanna go to the Gateway." That is all :) Haha. It may not sound funny at all, but it was :)

After I visited with Amanda in Salt Lake I drove down to Provo to see a few friends who had a little free time. I went to Shayla's apartment and we hung out and ended up eating dinner at Slab Pizza which is a little pizzeria right south of BYU's campus.
Here is Ani Van Buskirk & Shayla Forsey...both Marketing majors with me at BYU!
Ani, Shayla, & me outside of Slab Pizza
All the girls who went!
Ani & I...we both survived Marketing Strategy & Strategic Management capstone class together!  I hated that capstone class!!! Especially CompXM! Any business majors out there? :)
Shayla, me, & Rachel George... Hi Rachel if you read this! :)
Rachel was in Marketing and then switched to Finance but we had a few classes together!
After dinner I hung out with my friend Chantell Perry and then hung out a little more at Shayla's apartment for the evening.

Friday - August 12, 2011
 Friday we drove home.
See the Welcome to Colorado sign? 
Yep, Colorado is gorgeous!
 That concludes my Utah few day visit!
Stay tuned as we will be having a giveaway soon!

Who's from Utah?!
A lot of you are...I miss Utah! 

I Love Utah: Kirra's Wedding + Friends Pt. 1/2 here


I Love Utah: Kirra's Wedding + Friends Pt. 1/2

Last week, okay the week prior, my mom and I drove to Utah for my cousin's wedding!
I talked about it here. And that photo above is what I wore to the wedding. If it looks familiar it is because it is what I wore in my last outfit post here! Moving on.

Tuesday - August 9, 2011

We drove to Utah this day. On our way, we got stuck in traffic in Wyoming because of a truck wreck. A semi crashed, caught on fire, and the grass and brush on the median and other side of the highway all caught on fire. The highway shut down so we took a frontage road and drove around forever getting lost and then figured it out, but I hope that the driver made it...
We made it to Ogden and ate dinner at Bistro 258 with a bunch of relatives.

Wednesday - August 10, 2011
We attended my cousin Kirra's wedding in the Salt Lake City temple. Kirra was married to Brandon Branch for time and all eternity! Unfortunately I didn't get barely any good pictures because the ones I took were out of focus- no clue what happened! Here is the clearest picture I got. Kirra is so pretty!
Here is my cousin CaLon! I'm sure he would not want this picture up on the blog which is a perfect reason to put it up! I told him this will be his Facebook Profile picture and he said "Noo!" Haha. He punches me and kicks me and we make fun of each other. I am his favorite cousin, haha, probably not.
After the wedding we ate at Siegfried's Delicetessen in downtown Salt Lake City. My grandma, Omi is 100% German so whenever we have the chance we eat German food at Siegfried's or her cooking! My favorite German foods are: spaetzle, goulash, weinersnitzel, and dumplings!
Have you ever tried German food?
I am obsessed with Siegfried's. Obviously as seen here or here.
L to R: Siegfried's Delicatessen restaurant & KINDER Chocolate!!!
I've been eating this German Kinder chocolate since I was super young!
I always get it in my Christmas stockings and/or in my boots from Saint Nick (German holiday)!
So I highly recommend it.
After lunch we hung out at the hotel in Layton and then at my Aunt JaKie's house in Clearfield for a bit.
This is LuKus! You may see a resemblance with LuKus and CaLon! They are brothers!
LuKus is so cute but also likes to punch and kick me a lot haha.
Here is my grandpa who I call Opi (German)!
Opi cracks me up because he is OBSESSED with iPhoneography and Photography apps. He edits all of his photos on his iPhone (well the ones he takes w/his phone) and then sends some to my brother Zach (also obsessed) and I here and there. Who knows how many filters he has applied to this photo of himself haha. Here he is at work in Alabama as an ER doctor!
We then had a fun evening at Brandon & Kirra's reception in Ogden!
Probably one of the highlights was dancing the Thriller dance by Michael Jackson!
Overall it was a gorgeous wedding! Gorgeous couple, pretty temple, beautiful reception venue, etc! Anyways, I feel like this was pretty random so hopefully you made it haha.

PS. I Love Utah: Kirra's Wedding + Friends Pt. 2/2 coming tomorrow!
PPS. My cousins are having a giveaway on their blog Always Training Trio here!
If you love to run and workout a lot this will be a great read for you!
I really hope I win this one :)


SYTYCD: I wish I was a Contemporary or a Samba dancer...

From the very beginning Caitlynn Lawson was my favorite dancer!
She is just amazing!
And maybe it makes her cooler that she danced at...get ready for this...
my mom's friends' sister's dance studio!
And is sort of Mormon or was Mormon :) That doesn't really matter but is cool.
If you've been watching So You Think You Can Dance or watched the finale already you know that she did not win. She made it to the top 6 and the top 6 results show is as far as I've watched so don't spoil who really wins the whole thing!
And don't kill me. But I think Melanie & Sasha are overrated. Their dancing is amazing but sometimes they bug me. Don't hate don't hate!!! Since everyone loves them!!! It's mainly Sasha since I thought she was annoying at the beginning of the season when she and her sister were on the show in Vegas.


Caitlynn & Marko
Heavy in Your Arms by Florence + The Machine

 I also like this samba dance, but definitely not as much as the last dance!
Just thought I'd throw it on here :)
AND it kind of reminds me of Zumba which I miss!

Caitlynn & Pasha
Always loved Pasha on the show.

Happy dancing everyone :)

Also, I wish I was a Jazz dancer...

I'm off to Denver and Boulder for the day to go back to school shopping with my family and help Patrick move into his apartment at CU!


3 Wonderful Years

Photography by Tiffany Rebecca
Website HERE  - Facebook HERE

Kevin & I had our 3rd Anniversary on August 8, 2011. We had just gotten in from a long trip to Wyoming the night prior and I had to leave the next day early in the morning for a trip to Utah so we didn't do much celebrating.

I am so lucky to be married to Kevin!
He lets me steal the covers at night when I am cold and not realizing I'm stealing them.
He lets me hog most of the bed because I love to spread out when I sleep.
Sometimes he surprises me with flowers just because.
He held my hair once when I was sick (sorry if tmi :)) and I still think that is SO sweet. I've only been sick once since we have been married (flu-like).
One time I was going to the bathroom in the middle of the night when we lived at Branbury in Provo and on my way I tripped and fell and landed on my ear. I yelled "My ear!!!" and Kevin JUMPED out of bed to go see if I was okay haha. It hurt and now we just laugh about it! Well we kind of did then too!
He always hugs me and kisses me.
Whenever we order food at a fast food restaurant I decide I'll just have "some of Kevin's fries" because I don't want to be a pig and order some for myself. Kevin knows I will just eat most of his but he still lets me even though if he really wants them!
He saved up small amounts of money here and there for my 23rd birthday in February so we could have a fun day when we were really short on the money. He surprised me and bought me tickets to see the BYU Cougarettes then which is a dance team I love to watch.
One of his passions is coaching and he coaches me nicely and sweetly in my OWN sport that I played in high school...tennis. I taught him this past year and he is so much better than me, but he helps me get better :)
We are best snowboarding buddies as I taught him the past 2 years. He is a fast learner!
When I cook, no matter what, he likes whatever it is! I am not a good cook and am learning!
Kevin makes the best Italian food as he learned the techniques when he served a 2 year mission in Milan, Italy for our church.
He is such a hard worker in all that he does. It is something that I admire.
He worked insanely hard when he played Baseball at BYU.
Now he works hard at his job at Zephyr Graf-X hats.
After work he works on his entrepreneurial side project which is a website that may launch in a few months
He always goes the extra mile and makes me a better person!

What we did do this day was eat a nice dinner at Macaroni Grill after Kevin came home with flowers for me here :)
Kevin asked for the most romantic booth in the restaurant so we're in it supposedly haha!
I love you Kevin!
3 years was great and here is to eternity!

Read Kevin's letter to me on our 3rd anniversary HERE.
It's adorable if you ask me!


5 Reasons to Throw Out Your Old Makeup

I came across this great article titled "5 Reasons to Throw Away Your Old Makeup" from Chictopia HERE and if you know me I love de-hoarding and organization articles/reads! I am definitely not a hoarder like the people on TV but I do have a lot of stuff. Let's be real. 
I like it when there are "rules" to go by! 

Here are 5 points that I've taken from this article!
Note: This is an excerpt and there is a lot more at the site HERE.

"1. You say: I don’t remember when I bought it, but this blush doesn’t have an expiration date on it. So, I can still keep it!
Reality: Yes, makeup does expire – even if it doesn’t say so. If you live in Europe, EU requires expiration dates on cosmetics, however, for us Americans, most products don’t even have the same regulations. Still, there are a couple of ways that you can find out when your product could expire.
- One is by finding a ‘batch code’ on the packaging box. A batch code usually looks unrecognizable containing letters and numbers (i.e., “0ZA25”). You can go on CheckCosmetic.net where you type in the batch code and locate the expiration date of the product. The website does not include all brands, but they do list popular makeup brands like, MAC, L’Oreal, and even NYX.
- Two is by looking at this little symbol of a jar with a number in the middle. This symbol is usually located on the back of the product. The number indicates the number of months that this product will expire from the day you bought it (i.e., 24 = 24 months from now, the foundation will expire). This symbol isn’t as accurate as the batch code but more or less, it’s still something.

2. You say: Yeah, the lipstick does taste kind of funky, but the expiration date says it’s okay to keep using it.
Reality: Wearing expired makeup damages the skin since you may be prone to infections from those yucky germs. Even if the expiration date doesn’t say it has expired yet, it’s better to be on the safe side when the product has an off colour/texture or tastes funky. Keep track of expiration dates by marking your makeup of when you think they will expire. The marked up date will constantly remind you on when to toss away that makeup. Yes, it makes the packaging look ugly, but your face will thank you.

3. You say: I love this blue eyeshadow colour, maybe I’ll use it when the right occasion comes up.
Reality: If you haven’t touched it (let alone remove the plastic packaging), then maybe you really don’t love the blue colour. If you’re not certain on whether or not you’ll be using that particular item, you should definitely throw it away. Prolonging the tossing will just make you feel guiltier and possibly keep even more items on your shelf just because you ‘might use them.’

4. You say: This mascara costs a fortune! Throwing it away is like tossing cash into the trash.
Reality: You’ll probably end up spending even more money on buying storage for your old cosmetics than the cosmetics alone. Also, if you get an infection, taking a trip to the dermatologist will cost way more than that Dior mascara. So, you’re actually saving more money when you’re tossing away that old makeup. Yay!

5. You say: I can’t throw it away – this is my favourite eyeliner!
Reality: Combining all the above excuses, you just can’t seem to part way with your favourite eyeliner or other favourite beauty product. Though we like to say certain products are our favourites, makeup companies come up with new items almost every three months! It’ll be hard to try new products if you keep that old eyeliner of yours. Even the adage rings true for makeup, ladies, “out with the old, in with the new.”"

One of my favorite tips was the site that checks your makeup's expiration HERE! I looked up some of my makeup and let's just say some of it was really old like older than 70 months lol. AND what is probably even worse is the lipstick I wore when I grew up clogging and then dancing at BYU was my mom's lipstick...from when she was younger! So throwing all of that out! 
And...if I happen to get into dance again I can always go buy bright red lipsticks from Target for a few bucks. No big deal, right? Obviously I'm sure you can be totally fine using expired makeup but hey what if you got some weird infection? Eh, just helps me throw out the makeup I wore in high school and don't wear anymore! I now use Bare Minerals, Mac, & random things from Sephora!

Wearing expired makeup dancing on BYU's International Folk Dance Ensemble teams :)
Amanda Castleberry & I on 10RB team
Christmas Around the World 2008
Dance from the Philippines
L to R: Mary, Sydney, Katrina,Jeneca (above), Kourtney (below), me on 9 Wilk team
Christmas Around the World 2007
Dance from Hungary
L to R: Sydney, me, Katrina on 9 Wilk team
Spring Festival of Nations 2008
Dance from Mexico
When in doubt, throw it out!