Possibly this week...OMBRE HAIR!

ombre hair 

Confession: I haven't gotten my hair cut since February. Yes, that is around 5-6 months! One of my best friend's Chantell Perry was the last to cut it when we were living in Provo, Utah at her salon. Honestly it doesn't look that bad. I let it air dry a lot and can't remember the last time I've used a blow dryer! Other than the shape and style of the haircut it isn't too bad...but...it is...


I like changing up my hair but it is so dang expensive so I have pretty much stopped consistently getting it died and cut. So pathetic...the things you do when you are a college student! But now we are college graduates and have jobs...and an income...so hopefully I can get my hair looking good again!

So I think I am going to get my hair cut AND colored...well semi...with OMBRE HAIR!
[Pictured above]

I'm going to try and get an appointment this week and I will definitely post a picture when I get it done! I'm not sure to what extent I will have the ombre hair done but what is the worst that can happen? You can wait and grow it out or just get it colored...so we will see if I like it!

PS. The Pink Pistachio Personal Styling Session Giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow!
Stay tuned and check back tomorrow to see if YOU won! :)


  1. Please be me please be me please be me! Hahaha! :) and I say DOOOoO it!!! The ombré hair is the best thing ever! I have it and LOVE it!

  2. Yay! i'm so glad you're going ombre. It's SO cute. If I didn't have natural red hair, I would definitely do it!

  3. Don't feel too bad. I just get my hair cut about twice a year now. It happens when you don't have an office job to go to anymore.

    Wishing you a lovely day and good luck with your hair appointment! Rambles with Reese

  4. Ah the ombre look will be SOO cute on you!! Can't wait to see pictures!

  5. Ooh, I'm sure that'll look lovely on you! Good luck!

  6. you go girl!!! an ombre would look amazing on you! can't wait to see picturessss :):)

  7. YAY- your going to look GORGEOUS! Cant wait to see a picture!

  8. I love this! It looks so beautiful :)


  9. I need a change, too. But WHAT?!?!

    Ombre hair is so cool!