KC MO 4th of July Weekend Pt. ZWEI

[June 30-July 5, 2011]
And here is...
Part Zwei!  
July 3: We went to church and after went over to Laura (sister-in-law) & Charles' new house for a dinner and family get together! We ate yummy foods including the strawberries pictured above. We had a flag cake; take note of the amazing blueberry stars and how they were arranged haha...done by the master myself...haha jk, okay I did them but I'm not that cocky. Kevin's family always does a flag cake and 7 layer dip. This picture is missing the 7th layer (olives) but you can still see how good it looks!
I played with some of the little kids and played doctor with a little girl named Nina. She was hilarious. Here she is showing off her muscle and her shirt that got wet while playing in a kiddie pool.
Then the men had a friendly game of football...okay it was pretty competitive. Pretty entertaining I tell ya!

July 4: On the 4th, I had a guest post over at Gentri Lee's blog as I was awarded her Blogger of the Week! See some of the details HERE. {PS. Gentri freaking rocks.}
We went to the pool with some of the kiddos.
Lily here and also holding some cute dog treats that my mother-in-law got for Miss Katinka!
Then we had a whole bunch of fireworks done by the men.
Greg (father-in-law) & Kevin my hubbers
and...Tara took some slow shutter speed sweet sparkler pictures!!! LOVE! Tara you rock.
We then hit up the neighborhood firework show! This thing was intense. We drove the truck to a good spot to sit and while driving fireworks were going off EVERYWHERE! Kevin, Anna, and I were in the back of the truck and we for sure could have got hit. We parked and this guy was annoyed we parked near his street so he lit some off way close to us. I think he put them way closer just because he was annoyed we were there.
Zach, me, & Lily all waiting for the fireworks to start! Lily was a little bit excited haha.
P1110037 Zach & Kevin
L to R: Greg, Lily, Tara, Anna, random in the back (I don't know him), Kathy

July 5: We met one of Kevin's old friends (Ammon) for breakfast at the Corner Cafe. This was just some random Indian dude in the restaurant...don't ask? Haha. I don't get it.
Then we visited Kevin's grandma at her place. Let's just say Kevin got sick on the way home from something he ate the night before, ha. That was stressful. Anyways, once we got home, I packed up quickly and the girls headed off to Zona Rosa to go shopping at Charming Charlie and eat frozen yogurt at Yogurtini! Then we headed off to the airport and flew home.

What a FUN trip! And I'm finally all caught up with this wonderful trip! :)

Do you have any 4th of July traditions or certain things you cook each year? 


  1. Aw!! Thank you!! :D you rock!! That picture of you and the kids ready for the fireworks is priceless! Haha! I've ALWAYS wanted todo sparkled pictures like that! So cool! And I LOVE 7 layer dip!! Delicious!!!

  2. OH! And I forgot to say-
    Try deleting the spaces in "Edit HTML" instead of "Compose" for some reason blogger likes that way better sometimes.

  3. I adore you, Ashley! Do you know that? And I love those slow shutter speed pictures. Those are keepers fo sho!

  4. awesome post! i love those strawberries! creative food is the best, and i think it tastes better! :)

    and those sparkler photos!!!!! soo cool!



  5. Look at all that SUPER yummy food!? WOW! This looks like the BEST time. I love your cute hat and the sparkler photos turned out PERFECT!!!!

  6. This sounded like SO MUCH FUN! 4th of July is my fave and it sounds like you pretty much had everything that makes for a great one! The end about your hubby eating something bad cracks me up..lets just say that happens often to my hubby and it is NO FUN! Ha

  7. Ohh these are great pics. I especially love the awesome sparkler pics. They are lovely. I think sparklers are needed at any type of gathering :) And those strawberries! Yum!

  8. Looks like fun and I am now STARVING from all the food pictures/talk! Happy Weekend!

  9. Slow speed shutter sparkler pictures are amazingggg (say that 3x fast..) no but seriously. They're the coolest. Ive never actually taken any myself but I love looking at everyone elses