Ideas Ideas Ideas!

So let me tell you about a little secret. I am a compulsive LIST MAKER! I am a perfectionist.
I have SO many ideas and thoughts and lists of things to do...in everything aspect of life!
Right now my brain is full so I am going to spill my brain for you :) (Weird? Yep) Maybe this will be like an online list for me that I can refer back to but I'm sure there will be something that you can relate to...here goes!

BUTTTT....before we get started...today I was going to post about my new job I started last week or my recent weekend trip to Kansas City BUT....I found out about the BEST NEWS EVER!  
I know the location of the Fort Collins, temple...remember when I was so excited we were getting one HERE? Well, I will hopefully post on that after I write this one :)

Too many thoughts and ideas by Ashley:
+ I am SO excited about the temple location! Basically we will be able to see it from my parent's house! Details coming soon!
+ Kevin and I haven't gotten "professional" pictures since our wedding day...isn't that sad? I need to get something worked out soon.
+ I need to workout more and I wish I had a gym membership. Maybe I'll get a month of 24 Hour Fitness. I miss Zumba, Kickboxing, Yoga, and lifting classes TOO much. And it makes me sad when I hear Mexican songs like "Gasalina" (sp?) because I ZUMBA'ed to them and I don't know the routines anymore :(
+ Should we buy a house? I am going to check into town homes and foreclosures within close proximity to the new temple location!
Debate going on HERE.
+ Anyone have the Chase Freedom card? Kevin and I were looking at credit cards last night and found that one and kind of liked it. Chase was psychic and read our minds and sent us an offer in the mail today. Freaky much?
+ I need to take Katinka on walks more and run with her.
+ I have a lovely guest post for you all coming up and not sure when I will post it!
+ I wish I could hire someone to redo my blog layout/design but why would anyone want to pay for that? Is it even worth it? Haha.
+ I love to travel and have traveled many places all over the world and kind of am thinking about making a tab that says 'Travel' and when you click on it all of my vacation posts populate within it. Do you know how people do that? I sure don't.  I don't know how to do the 'Our Story' tab where I can put my Engagement Story or 1st time I met Kevin story or wedding story either...do you know what I'm saying? :) I just added two posts into one...lammme.
BUT...about the traveling...if you click on Cruise (left hand side of the blog under Labels) you will see posts about our bomb Northern European cruise I went on last summer...legggit.
+ My room is a big mess. I need help de-hoarding crap and making space and organizing.
Tips To Declutter Your Home HERE!
+ Anyone worked at a place where they help with collections? Like helping collect money from accounts who are like 30-60-90+ days late on their payments? I am doing some of that and if you have any tips please share :) I am a newbie! Those people just avoid the Ashley girl from Zephyr :)
+ I literally have a Microsoft Word document with over a page of ideas to blog about. I am such a perfectionist that I feel like I need to document EVERY part of my life and when I do a small post it has to be very detailed! When will I ever get to those ideas? In order to catch up I would literally have to sit on my butt all day posting all day...not going to happen :)
+ I need to write my sister on her mission in Brazil! SAO PAULO baby! She is kicking butt out there!
More on our church HERE
+ I want to sign up Katinka for puppy training classes. Yes she is 2. And yes she is a puppy and forever will be in my mind. The guy at Petsmart thinks she should do puppy ones because she is so littttle.
+ I want to go get some cute frames and print off pictures to put in my new office at work! Some cute colorful ones! I'll post a picture one day when I "redo/move-in" my office!
+ I have a VERY hard time relaxing!!! It was horrible when I was at BYU in college. 

Okay enough for now! Going to get some flowers with my dad at the nursery to plant around the house! :) I will blog about the more specific location of the Fort Collins, Colorado temple soon and same with the Kansas City trip!

{Need to take my own advice :)}


  1. a few things:

    1. i want professional photos with my hubs too.

    2. i've only gone to zumba once, but loved it and want to go again.

    3. i love to travel too! wish we had more money.

  2. Soooo many things, Sooooo little time! I write lists all the time! Especially about my blog! I feel like I have so much to talk about but never get round to doing it! I need to raise my fitness too and get back onto my "diet" - no more fad diets! I don't know how people can lose weight on them! There's so many things that I want to get done this summer but I know I won't get to do everything! Or maybe I will. I might write a new list now of all the things I have to do this summer! I've just realised I'm typing everything I'm thinking in this comment.... This post put things in perspective - I need to stop procrastinating! xx
    p.s; I love that your dog is called Katrinka - so cute!
    nadiine-x ♥

  3. I'm thinking of talking my hubby into professional pictures for our 1 year anniversary. I hope he goes for it!! Haha. I always call my dogs puppies, too...even though they are 2 years as well!

  4. haha this is hilarious! i should start writing more things down because maybe then they would get done hah!

  5. You're so funny :) I make lists too! I love crossing things off and sometimes I put down extra little things to cross off for fun. We've had Chase and Discover. We like both. I think for Discover you have to have really good credit and income (not for sure anymore) they change the rules all the time. We're looking at foreclosures over by the temple too! We've always wanted to live near my parent's house and since it's in their neighborhood, we have even more of a reason! There's a really nice townhome for sale down the street from us too. Just saw it the other day.

  6. Hahaha! I don't make blogging lists. I just blog as it comes. :) But I make lists for other things. I paid to have my blog designed and it was totally worth it!

  7. Fun post! I have intentions to be more of a list maker. I think I would get more done.

    And I definitely played too much at BYU...and procrastinated! Did you know you can crank out a 20 page paper in a night. :)

  8. I totally understand about having a million thoughts running through your head. It's good that you wrote them all out!
    Oh and I would also love a blog fairy to help me redesign mine! hehe I've accepted the fact that I need to do more research on coding, etc

  9. Hehe lots of lists! These are great :)

  10. We are quite alike as far as lists go- I make lists for EVERYTHING, even things I am going to do no matter what (like showering) just so I can cross them off! ha!

    Have you thought about trying workout videos? I know they have great zumba ones that I am sure you would love then you dont have to buy a membership?