Fort Collins Temple Location!

So I am so excited about the new Fort Collins temple location and am still in shock that we are getting one! It will be on Trilby & Timberline which is...close to my house...so close...

TWO MILES! I will be within exactly 2 miles of a temple (well if Kevin and I never move out of my parent's house) but how cool is that? I just map-quested it so it is accurate! My parents have a kind of tall house and it is on higher lands so there is a very good chance we could see the temple from our house!
Here is the location site:
This is how I heard the news:

I'm sitting work and my friend Emily Vail texts me "Congrats on the location for the temple. That's so awesome!" I read it, think whaaaa? Does she know? Then I run into my dad's office and say "Did you hear the location?!?!" He's like "What?" Me, "The Temple! Emily just texted me saying congrats on the location! Google it." I call Emily and she tells us and we were so excited!

One of Emily's good friends from work at Whole Foods just became a member. Her new convert friend is really good friends with the stake president's wife. She said that the stake president's wife has known for awhile and wasn't allowed to say anything about the location until today and she told her then. Emily was at work and her convert friend told her...so she texted me!

Anyways, the location is cool because:
1) It is within 2 miles of my parent's house.
2) The temple will be within my home ward's boundaries- Fossil Creek Ward.
3) We will probably see it from our house! SWEET!
4) Oh, I failed to mention it is RIGHT across the street from our meetinghouse! So we will see it every Sunday.
5) We will drive by it probably everyday...it is on the way to my aunt's house, my brother's high school, Cinemark movie theatre (the best one in town), shopping centers (w/Sephora & Charming Charlie), Target, and pretty much everything you need!

Last thing...it is so awesome that we will have a temple in Fort Collins! We are so blessed to be able to have one in our city and it will save the hour or so drive to Denver. I just seriously can't believe that we are having one in my city. It would be one thing to live in an area and not have one close but we have one a little more than an hour away and would have NEVER thought in my life we would get one! There has been much speculation about the location and this is the best place (my opinion). My mom has thought it would be in this location for awhile now...so win for her ha. And it is good to know that we finally know the location because we all have dying to know where... we first found out we were getting a temple in April so it has been 2-3ish months!

More on that HERE.

There is even a website for the Fort Collins Temple where you will be able to track the progress.
Go to it HERE.

If you are curious about why we build temples and why we go there watch this short Mormon Message.

PS. Kevin & I drove by the temple location yesterday and saw people staring at it just by the site. I yelled "YEAHHHH TEMPLES!!!! GO MORMONS!" and Kevin yelled "I LOVE TO SEE THE TEMPLE!!!" Hopefully the people realized we like the temple and the location and are not haters lol.

PPS. I made my blog 3 columns today but I don't know how I feel about it. Thoughts? I just need a good layout with big space for the blog writing part...ehhh. Do you like my little chihuahua favicon? [The little chihuahua logo instead of the Blogger B on your browser tab :)]

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  1. I love the temple and wished we lived closer to one. Nauvoo is 3 hours away.

  2. I think the three-column layout is cute, but I usually never seem to like it when I try it for my blog haha.

    That's exciting about the temple :) we are moving to Georgia in a little over a year and we picked it so we could live close to the temple when we live out of Utah.

  3. I love the 3 column. :D I loved when I changed mine to 3 column. And I'm so excited for you and Wow! Another temple! I love the Church!

  4. haha, so awesome you guys yelled that out! I can totally see it

  5. Exciting!!!
    I definitely need to take advantage of living in northern Utah and having like 6 temples within an hours drive!

  6. This makes me SO HAPPY! They announced the Gilbert temple a couple years ago and it is only 2 miles from our house...but now we are moving so it doesn't matter, ha! I can't complain much- we are only going to be a couple hours away from the Nauvoo temple which is amazing! Thanks so much for the email about places to go in Missouri- I am excited!

  7. so excited for another temple in my home state! hoping i'll book some weddings up there once it's built :)

    cute blog! excited to be a follower!