Canoe Rides & Fishing

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So yes I am finally finishing up this little outdoorsy weekend of mine.
Friday evening, July 8, 2011 = Bonfires & Tinfoil Dinners 
Saturday morning, July 9, 2011 = Katinka's 1st Swim lesson. Epic Fail.
Saturday afternoon/evening = Live in Colorado +
...here...Canoe Rides & Fishing...so read on!
{Warning! This post has lots of Katinka pictures!
If you hate looking at super cute dog pictures, don't read/view!}

After Katinka's swim lesson we decided to drive around in the Ranger.
The Ranger is this wonderful 4wheeling car w/bars around...
do not ride with Kevin, well, you could, but he will make you feel like you are going to crash,
oh, and do you see little baby Tinka? 
Then we fished from the shores of the lake, and caught nothing really.
I saw a fish jump and decided it was mine, so I cast the line really hard and it caught the tree behind me and then the lure fell into the lake. Fail.
The line was ripped and we decided that we all need to buy our own fishing poles. 
Which is SO true.
Then we decided to go on a canoe ride and fish that way as maybe we would be able to catch something. 
My dad, Kevin, Katinka, & I.
Pretty view eh?
Yep, if you remember Katinka HATES swimming. WELL, she LOVES canoeing!
She acts like the water is a friend of hers...cute huh?
And this face just cracks me up, why is her mouth open like that?
Ironically, the only fish that was caught was one by my dad when he wasn't trying to catch one.
Okay, so his line was just chilling in the water as we were canoeing around and then he realized a fish bit on!
Here is the fish in a little compartment as well as Katinka spying on it.
And here is Katinka just looking into the water and off into the distance.
Lake views.
Then the sun started to set...
We paddled back to shore. We had a little dinner at McCallisters, grabbed some groceries at Safeway, and rented a few movies from the Blockbuster box (not Redbox)!
We all watched True Grit, okay, I fell asleep, afterwards.
That was our...Saturday...a few ago. Yep. :)


  1. Ok, I don't care if I'm invited or not- I'm coming to your house!! It's gorgeous!!! I love these pictures!!

  2. Wow! Looks amazing! Love all these pictures and hearing about all your adventures :)

  3. That house is GORGEOUS. Wow. I wasn't even looking for the dog because my mouth was GAPING open at the beauty of the scenery all around you. You are so lucky! What a gorgeous place!

  4. Wow very beautiful house! I want to come visit! :p and your dog is sooo cute, look at the way she looks at the water nawww :)) Sounds like you had a really good time, thats very sweet !

  5. That looks like a lot of fun!!! I desperately want to go on a boat!!! And Katinka is so so so cute. What kind of dog is she? And how did you get her name?

    Did I tell you how amazing this house is??!?! I am in love!

  6. Eeee! Katinka is so adorable. Plus that name is so cute. I love it!

  7. sounds like you had a great day! Katinka is sooo cute!

  8. Canoeing, McCallister's, and movies?! That's my kind of day!! Your sweet Katinka cracks me up...she's so human. ;)

  9. Umm what an awesome day!?! Missing your blog terribly! I hate not being able to do my daily readings! xoxo

  10. That sounds like so much fun! I love canoeing! And your puppy loving it makes it so much more fun!

    Is that you families house? HOLY MOLY!