Bonfire & Tinfoil Dinners

One of the perks of living with my parents is that we can have bonfires whenever we want because they have a field with a bonfire area on their property. So July 8, 2011 we had a big bonfire with tinfoil dinners! Kevin and I hit up King Soopers to pick up all the ingredients we needed and then spent a long time perfecting individual tinfoil dinners and desserts for everyone! My mom and two youngest brothers were in Alabama at the time so it was me and the guys. My friend Emily joined us later in the evening for the desserts. Katinka refused to attend.
While Kevin worked on the dinners I worked on the desserts...
one being a banana dessert!
Slice a banana in half but not all of the way through.
Kind of scrunch the banana together so you create a pocket to place stuff in.
Stuff marshmallows and chocolate chips in the pocket.
Drizzle chocolate syrup over.
It also would have been good with peanut butter chips! Or stuffed with coconut!
There are so many things you can with these babies!
Meanwhile Kevin was making a creation of his own.
He decided to put cheese in between the hamburger meat...so he did.
Then squish the hamburger meat with inside ingredients together.
Then put all the rest of the ingredients around the hamburger meat creation and foil up!
My second dessert was baked apples in butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon.
Unfortunately I forgot the cinnamon!
Apparently my dad made these for us kids when we grew up camping so he told me how to do it.
And I failed...ha.
Yep, those are big chunks of butter.
Don't judge.
And here is the hubby and me waiting on our food to cook!
You can practically not overcook tinfoil dinners because the longer the cook the better they get!
Softer potatoes and carrots and apples...
The end result!
The cheese in the burger was pretty good but I'm not sure I'll go for it again ha.
The guys loved it though!
And don't judge on these next pictures.
It was dark outside so I didn't really know where to point my camera lol.
And the flashlight app for the iPhone 3GS is lame.  I so need a 4G! (It has a flash)
So make sure you bring a flashlight for a bonfire and dinner party!
These definitely needed the cinnamon! My bad!
But still very good if your a fan of apples!
And every one's favorite!!!
Okay I am a little biased because I made these, but really now!
I'm still shocked that my friend Emily who came over for desserts had NEVER had any tinfoil dinners or desserts ever! She loves them now!

And why did Katinka refuse to come you ask?
Well my poor puppy is terribly afraid of bonfires even when the fire is barely going!!!
I tried walking her over and she freaked out and her claws grew and she kept trying to dig them in the ground! I picked her up and carried her over so I could talk to my dad who was tending to the fire and she was digging into my skin so hard because she was afraid! I wish she would like fires...
Anyways, tips on how to make a dog not afraid of a fire, or anything?!

I highly recommend you try tinfoil dinners and desserts if you haven't already!
There are a ton of different variations of foods you can make this way!

What is your favorite campfire food?


  1. oh my, these look so good! especially the banana one. love your blog!

  2. all of the above look delicious! mmm
    now i am officially famished! so hungry!

  3. Mmm, it's been a while since I've had one of those! These look delish! Especially the desserts. :) Last time we made them they burned thought. Where in the fire do you stick them?

  4. These all look absolutely delicious! Love the banana one especially.

  5. mmm looks soooo good! i love camping because of cooking over a campfire! how about some dutch oven peach cobbler?!?

  6. I grew up on tinfoil dinners but the desserts? OH MYLANTA, totally pinned that banana one, ha! It all looks so delicious!

  7. Oh my gosh, I just stared at that dessert for about ten minutes. I need it.

  8. I LOVE tinfoil dinners!! Yummy! That apple thing sounds delicious! I've never thought of that! My favorite campfire food is peach cobbler! Soooooooo good!!

  9. I love those banana desserts. Stuffed with chocolate chips, pb chips and marshmallows. You've gotta try it with the mallows. Yum!

  10. Disregard my past comment. You put mallows in it. We havent had tin foil dinners in a while, but I think you've inspired me

  11. the banana things were legend. not sure if i realized how good they would taste. plus they didnt have to be in the fire for very long. gotta do em again soon. changed my life!

  12. Wow what great ideas! Seriously I didn't know all these fun things you could do with food and tinfoil ahahah!

    And let's be honest butter makes everything taste better... more butter the better!!! I LOVE BUTTER hahaha

    And I think your phone took great photos, I have the 3G!!! You should wait until September I think that is when they are releasing the new iPhone 5 I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get a new one. I am pretty much touching a dusty fossil when I pick up my phone ahhahah

  13. ash, i love that i just found your blog. it made me think of the good ol' days in folk dance. you look so great and you and your hubby are adorable! love your blog!