Wyoming, Anniversary, Utah Trip & Guest Posters!

So, a lot of stuff is going down in the next couple of weeks!

I am so excited because next week I will be at a family reunion for Grandma & Grandpa Gormley's 60th Anniversary! They are my grandparents on my dads side. I will hangout with cousins and lots of family who I haven't seen in awhile and it will be fun to all be together!  So that will be next Tuesday-Sunday (August 2-7, 2011). We will be up in northern Wyoming for that trip and will get to camp a night as well! Anyone been to Cody, Wyoming?  So todays projects consists of looking through our boxes to find all of our camping gear!

And here is a little throwback family picture of when my family all went camping...when I was in elementary school? Ha. And by the way we don't have this pop-up camper anymore, sad!
L to R:  Zach (in front), me, Patrick, mom, & Kelsi
PS. Do you only see half of the picture? What is going on Flickr?
THEN...it is our 3RD Anniversary married together, on August 8th, 2011!!! 
We don't really have any plans for this yet...any suggestions?
On August 9, 2011 we leave to Utah (my mom and I, maybe brother too)...for a few days to be at a cousin's wedding in Salt Lake City! I am excited for that and to possibly see some of my friends living in Provo!
A few of the girls I'm hoping to see!
Shayla, Chantell, Brady, & yeah, that is me.

AND...we will be having guest posters while I am away! 
So you best read them and leave them lots of love!!! For real!
Two may or may not be my dad or my husband...hehe. 
We will see!!!

Time to workout/run, get camping stuff together, and who knows what for today!
Anniversary suggestions anyone? :)


Loveland Tennis Tourney + Weekend

Remember when I said I was about to go play in a tennis tournament HERE
Well it was a week-long tourney, July 11-17, 2011.
It benefited the Boys & Girls Club of Loveland.
Kevin played singles & doubles & I just played doubles with Kevin.
Maybe next tourney I will sign up for singles, we will see!
I played Varsity tennis in high school for 2 years and both times I played doubles!
I just love doubles, so fun if you ask me!

Monday, July 11, 2011- Singles Match
Kevin's first tennis singles match EVER. He won! He is one of those athletic guys that annoys the crap out of you because he will pick up a sport that you played your whole life and then dominate you. Yep, that is what I get for marrying an athlete. (He also played Baseball at BYU) Ha. But I was SO excited for him!

Wednesday/Thursday, July 13-14, 2011- Singles Match
Kevin played in his 2nd singles match EVER. He won the 1st set and was up in the 2nd set 5-2 or 3 and then it started raining really hard!
He had to re-schedule it for Thursday due to a rain delay where he only had to win one game, which he did.  So he won the 2nd game as well and was scheduled to play in the semis on Saturday.
That is him serving right there. ]Then he broke his strings and had to use one of my older Prince rackets with pink strings haha :)
Friday, July 15, 2011- Doubles Match
Kevin and I had our first doubles match together. AND it was probably the first doubles match we have ever played. We didn't do that well as it rained the whole week prior and of the tennis tournament so we didn't get to practice much! Haha. But it was still fun.
After the match, we drove home and played some more tennis! I changed my serve and I am SO glad I did. I need to practice that serve more actually.

THEN... our good friends, Jonny & Stephanie Neeley stopped at our house. 
They are friends from Utah. Stephanie played Volleyball for Utah and Jonny was one of Kevin's friends from freshman year at BYU. We hung out with them a lot this past year. Anyways, so they are moving to Arkansas and drove through Fort Collins on their way there. They were going to stay the night and leave Saturday but Kevin persuaded them to stay another day haha.

Saturday, July 16, 2011- Singles & Doubles
Yes, Kevin and I just on our way to a match!
Kevin played a singles match at 8 am and lost to the guy who won the whole tournament. Pretty good I'd say for his first tourney! Then we played doubles and lost the 1st set in a tiebreaker 4-7, and lost the second set 5-7, so it was SUPER close. And we should have won a few times so that was annoying but I'm just glad we played a lot better! It was our first tournament together so I think we will get better. AND my serve was a ton better than the night before!
We ate lunch with the Neeleys at QDoba (love that place), went on canoe rides, rode the Ranger, the boys had a tennis match together, we ate at Noodles, and then rented The Roommate.

Remember when I talked about Leighton Meester in The Roomate HERE

Anyways, that was our week full of tennis and weekend with the Neeleys!

Anyone got a fun weekend plans?


Canoe Rides & Fishing

First up, the button swap is still going on, take a look at it HERE if you would like free advertising!!!
I'd love to have you! On to the post...

So yes I am finally finishing up this little outdoorsy weekend of mine.
Friday evening, July 8, 2011 = Bonfires & Tinfoil Dinners 
Saturday morning, July 9, 2011 = Katinka's 1st Swim lesson. Epic Fail.
Saturday afternoon/evening = Live in Colorado +
...here...Canoe Rides & Fishing...so read on!
{Warning! This post has lots of Katinka pictures!
If you hate looking at super cute dog pictures, don't read/view!}

After Katinka's swim lesson we decided to drive around in the Ranger.
The Ranger is this wonderful 4wheeling car w/bars around...
do not ride with Kevin, well, you could, but he will make you feel like you are going to crash,
oh, and do you see little baby Tinka? 
Then we fished from the shores of the lake, and caught nothing really.
I saw a fish jump and decided it was mine, so I cast the line really hard and it caught the tree behind me and then the lure fell into the lake. Fail.
The line was ripped and we decided that we all need to buy our own fishing poles. 
Which is SO true.
Then we decided to go on a canoe ride and fish that way as maybe we would be able to catch something. 
My dad, Kevin, Katinka, & I.
Pretty view eh?
Yep, if you remember Katinka HATES swimming. WELL, she LOVES canoeing!
She acts like the water is a friend of hers...cute huh?
And this face just cracks me up, why is her mouth open like that?
Ironically, the only fish that was caught was one by my dad when he wasn't trying to catch one.
Okay, so his line was just chilling in the water as we were canoeing around and then he realized a fish bit on!
Here is the fish in a little compartment as well as Katinka spying on it.
And here is Katinka just looking into the water and off into the distance.
Lake views.
Then the sun started to set...
We paddled back to shore. We had a little dinner at McCallisters, grabbed some groceries at Safeway, and rented a few movies from the Blockbuster box (not Redbox)!
We all watched True Grit, okay, I fell asleep, afterwards.
That was our...Saturday...a few ago. Yep. :)


Button Swap Anyone?

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I'm not sure how long I will do this but I thought I might as well give it a go...
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Free advertising is good, right?

In order to participate in the button swap...
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I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Katinka's 1st Swim Lesson. Epic Fail.

So I had been wanting to take Katinka swimming for awhile now but couldn't because:
a) We lived at places that only had neighborhood pools
b) Didn't have a lake that we dare jump in
c) Didn't have time in college at BYU with school and work

Now we have a lake option and more time!
So after a few hours of playing tennis with Kevin a few weekends ago,
July 9, 2011,
the day after the big 
more HERE
I was dying to jump in the lake with Katinka!!!
Luckily we got a hand me down doggy life vest from my parent's previous pup Kita
Learn about Kita HERE
As you can see Katinka seems to be panting.
Honestly, I think she knew something was coming.
She was almost hyperventilating if dogs can do that? Not. Even. Kidding.
She tried to run off the dock so I had my dad hold her, and here he has her hanging from the vest lol.

This was a big day.
I had a lot of visions about how I wanted it to play out...
I was hoping she would LOVE swimming and would swim around the lake having fun!
Aren't dogs supposed to like it? Although she hates when I give her baths.
SO, Here we are about to go in.
I am so prepared with a life vest. Haha.
Don't judge. I am a horrible swimmer but I want to make sure I am there for my little Katinka!!!
Also don't judge how white I am. I am white. I get it, haha. And yes, I know it is summer!
So I slowly go down the steps from the dock in the lake and it is kind of cold.
Then someone hands Katinka to me and I hold her. I let her go and see if she can paddle.
Let's say she had PANIC in her eyes and was frantically swimming for her life!
It was the most traumatic thing ever! I let her swim around for a bit but I knew she was not relaxed at all. Kevin told me to grab her so I did. She sure hung on to me tightly and her claws did come out!
I was hoping she would get used to the water and relax but she didn't.

Really, I knew the moment I saw her face and HER EYES that she was so scared.
She literally looked at me with those cute puppy eyes like "I'm drowning!!!"
Look at that little face!
Anyways, so we hung out just floating and she held on to me super tight and then decided to get out.
Here we are getting out of the lake and you can tell by her facial expression (yes dogs have them too!!!) that she is uncomfortable and frightened!
So after the previous night and the bonfire and now the swimming experience, I'm kind of bummed because Katinka doesn't like bonfires or swimming. I want her to enjoy that stuff!!!
Anyways, she was such a little trooper and maybe I can bring her in the lake here and there and maybe she will get used to it? Or maybe her legs are too short so she feels like she is drowning!?
So that was her first swim and it is safe to say it was a failure because she thought she was drowning.

Thoughts, tips, advice anyone? 
How do you get a puppy to like swimming? :)


Bonfire & Tinfoil Dinners

One of the perks of living with my parents is that we can have bonfires whenever we want because they have a field with a bonfire area on their property. So July 8, 2011 we had a big bonfire with tinfoil dinners! Kevin and I hit up King Soopers to pick up all the ingredients we needed and then spent a long time perfecting individual tinfoil dinners and desserts for everyone! My mom and two youngest brothers were in Alabama at the time so it was me and the guys. My friend Emily joined us later in the evening for the desserts. Katinka refused to attend.
While Kevin worked on the dinners I worked on the desserts...
one being a banana dessert!
Slice a banana in half but not all of the way through.
Kind of scrunch the banana together so you create a pocket to place stuff in.
Stuff marshmallows and chocolate chips in the pocket.
Drizzle chocolate syrup over.
It also would have been good with peanut butter chips! Or stuffed with coconut!
There are so many things you can with these babies!
Meanwhile Kevin was making a creation of his own.
He decided to put cheese in between the hamburger meat...so he did.
Then squish the hamburger meat with inside ingredients together.
Then put all the rest of the ingredients around the hamburger meat creation and foil up!
My second dessert was baked apples in butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon.
Unfortunately I forgot the cinnamon!
Apparently my dad made these for us kids when we grew up camping so he told me how to do it.
And I failed...ha.
Yep, those are big chunks of butter.
Don't judge.
And here is the hubby and me waiting on our food to cook!
You can practically not overcook tinfoil dinners because the longer the cook the better they get!
Softer potatoes and carrots and apples...
The end result!
The cheese in the burger was pretty good but I'm not sure I'll go for it again ha.
The guys loved it though!
And don't judge on these next pictures.
It was dark outside so I didn't really know where to point my camera lol.
And the flashlight app for the iPhone 3GS is lame.  I so need a 4G! (It has a flash)
So make sure you bring a flashlight for a bonfire and dinner party!
These definitely needed the cinnamon! My bad!
But still very good if your a fan of apples!
And every one's favorite!!!
Okay I am a little biased because I made these, but really now!
I'm still shocked that my friend Emily who came over for desserts had NEVER had any tinfoil dinners or desserts ever! She loves them now!

And why did Katinka refuse to come you ask?
Well my poor puppy is terribly afraid of bonfires even when the fire is barely going!!!
I tried walking her over and she freaked out and her claws grew and she kept trying to dig them in the ground! I picked her up and carried her over so I could talk to my dad who was tending to the fire and she was digging into my skin so hard because she was afraid! I wish she would like fires...
Anyways, tips on how to make a dog not afraid of a fire, or anything?!

I highly recommend you try tinfoil dinners and desserts if you haven't already!
There are a ton of different variations of foods you can make this way!

What is your favorite campfire food?


SH-RD Hair Care Line

Hello friendlies!
So I am going to let you in on a little secret.
I started using some new hair products and... 

I am in love!
Take a look at SH-RD!
Shaan Honq's SH-RD is a Taiwan based hair care line recently launched in the US.  This simplistic and high end series includes 3 products: Nutra-Therapy Shampoo, Nutra-Therapy Conditioner, and Protein Cream.  One point of differentiation is that the products are infused with Rosemary and D-panthenol (thus the RD in SH-RD). SH-RD is a hair care line for all hair types.
Both the shampoo and conditioner contain vitamins, rosemary, and hydrolyzed wheat protein.  This amazing combination helps to provide nutrients to damaged shafts as well as improve cell activation to restore lifeless hair back to life.
Let me tell you a little more about this remarkable trio:
1. SH-RD Nutra-Therapy Shampoo
I have observed that this shampoo is of the highest quality so you do not need to use an excessive amount.
The result of using this shampoo is hydration to each and every hair.
This shampoo is recommended to use on a daily basis in order to:
+ Help preserve color
+ Repair damages
+ Prevent split-ends
+ Restore the resilience of hair
2. SH-RD Nutra-Therapy Conditioner
This conditioner brings instant moisture to your hair.
It helps restore your hair's natural shine by deeply penetrating into the hair shaft leaving it soft, silky, and shiny. 
3. SH-RD Protein Cream
This protein cream is the final product in the trio and is applied after shampoo and conditioner.
It is a leave in treatment before you blow dry and style your hair.
It combines the moisture and protection of silk amino acid and hydrolyzed silk protein. This cream smooths and seals the hair cuticles while locking in hydration and strengthening the hair.
This protein cream is great for:
+ UV Protection
+ Heat Protection
+ Chlorine Damage
+ Protection while swimming
After I first used the products my husband told me that my hair smelled amazing. You know something is good when your husband comments on it! Brownie points for SH-RD! The SH-RD products have a light and soft scent which is very refreshing and one which I love.

On a side note, here are some people you may know who are loving SH-RD...
Jayde Nicole from "The Hills"
Lacey Schwimmer from "Dancing with the Stars"
Ali Fedotowsky from "The Bachelorette"
Britney Gastineau of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"
Heather Morris from "Glee"
Kirstie Alley
Jennifer Lopez

 Be sure to look for the newly launched SH-RD line in luxery salons across the U.S.!

Please take a look at SH-RD today!
For a look at more of their specific hair products, go HERE.

SH-RD Website
SH-RD Facebook 
SH-RD Twitter

If you would like me to review your product/service email me at sloanbookblog@gmail.com


Photo Teasers by Tiffany Rebecca (& Ombre fix!)

So last night, Kevin, Katinka, and I had a photo shoot done by the fabulous Tiffany Rebecca! 
Remember when I talked about it HERE
See Tiffany's Photography blog HERE
See her website HERE
Here are 3 photo teasers of our shoot!
And I am so excited to see the rest of the pictures! I love these so far! Thanks Tiffany!


And as you can see my Ombre hair NIGHTMARE has been resolved!
I went in and the girl who I saw was one of the melting (ombre) hair specialists. She personally has a beautiful melt and has been doing them for years! She does them often and goes to classes on them all the time. She was so great! I wish I had gone to her in the first place. 
If anyone wants a very experienced ombre/melt specialist in the Fort Collins area, let me know as I have the girl for you!
She fixed my hair when it was horrible and it looks great! 
My hair is so damaged now with it being colored 3 times in the past 2 weeks so she did what she could, and I am happy with it!
Excitement about new hair possibilities HERE
You will be disgusted with those pictures...of my nasty hair.

THANKS! Thanks to all of you who commented on my hair nightmare post! 
You gave the best advice and I am shocked at how many people were so helpful! It made me feel a lot better about the situation! I decided to do ombre just because it was what I came into the salon wanting. I ALMOST went with dying my hair all brown because I was so scared but I went for it!You all rock :)

Anyways, have a great Saturday friendlies!


Guest Post at Lady of the Flowers & PHOTOSHOOT!

Hey friends!

Today you can find me giving a little introduction guest post over at the lovely Lady of the Flowers! The Lady of the Flowers is Melissa Jo and she is a sweet Alabama girl who loves gardening! SO...you will find out what my favorite flowers are and more :)

And tonight, well in a few hours, I will be in a photoshoot with my hubby and little Tinkles by a good friend Tiffany! See her blog here!

I am so excited. And because I have a photoshoot I thought I would post a few *random* pictures from our Engagements in Utah with a local photographer just for the heck of it! These are not my favorites they are just random ones! Ha.
What are you doing this weekend?!


KC MO 4th of July Weekend Pt. ZWEI

[June 30-July 5, 2011]
And here is...
Part Zwei!  
July 3: We went to church and after went over to Laura (sister-in-law) & Charles' new house for a dinner and family get together! We ate yummy foods including the strawberries pictured above. We had a flag cake; take note of the amazing blueberry stars and how they were arranged haha...done by the master myself...haha jk, okay I did them but I'm not that cocky. Kevin's family always does a flag cake and 7 layer dip. This picture is missing the 7th layer (olives) but you can still see how good it looks!
I played with some of the little kids and played doctor with a little girl named Nina. She was hilarious. Here she is showing off her muscle and her shirt that got wet while playing in a kiddie pool.
Then the men had a friendly game of football...okay it was pretty competitive. Pretty entertaining I tell ya!

July 4: On the 4th, I had a guest post over at Gentri Lee's blog as I was awarded her Blogger of the Week! See some of the details HERE. {PS. Gentri freaking rocks.}
We went to the pool with some of the kiddos.
Lily here and also holding some cute dog treats that my mother-in-law got for Miss Katinka!
Then we had a whole bunch of fireworks done by the men.
Greg (father-in-law) & Kevin my hubbers
and...Tara took some slow shutter speed sweet sparkler pictures!!! LOVE! Tara you rock.
We then hit up the neighborhood firework show! This thing was intense. We drove the truck to a good spot to sit and while driving fireworks were going off EVERYWHERE! Kevin, Anna, and I were in the back of the truck and we for sure could have got hit. We parked and this guy was annoyed we parked near his street so he lit some off way close to us. I think he put them way closer just because he was annoyed we were there.
Zach, me, & Lily all waiting for the fireworks to start! Lily was a little bit excited haha.
P1110037 Zach & Kevin
L to R: Greg, Lily, Tara, Anna, random in the back (I don't know him), Kathy

July 5: We met one of Kevin's old friends (Ammon) for breakfast at the Corner Cafe. This was just some random Indian dude in the restaurant...don't ask? Haha. I don't get it.
Then we visited Kevin's grandma at her place. Let's just say Kevin got sick on the way home from something he ate the night before, ha. That was stressful. Anyways, once we got home, I packed up quickly and the girls headed off to Zona Rosa to go shopping at Charming Charlie and eat frozen yogurt at Yogurtini! Then we headed off to the airport and flew home.

What a FUN trip! And I'm finally all caught up with this wonderful trip! :)

Do you have any 4th of July traditions or certain things you cook each year?