The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Remember when I was SO excited to go to the Harry Potter part of Universal Studios last week HERE?
Well, this it it.
This may be every one's most anticipated blog post from me so it kind of puts a little pressure on me...ha.

My dad and I worked the business seminar last Thursday, June 16, 2011 (HERE and HERE) and as soon as we were done we drove right over to Universal Studios! This was my first time to Universal Studios! It was a hot and humid day in Florida but that wasn't going to stop me. We walked straight to the Harry Potter part, which was the opposite side of the entrance- how convenient. I was so excited haha and my dad knew it. The first thing that you come upon is the entrance to Hogsmeade.
Note: it says "Please Respect The Spell Limits"
[And yes, this post will have both camera and Instagram photos, so bear with me! And I have a lot of photos...it is kind of hard to explain things without photos here.]
These buildings and "little shops" were done incredibly. They had very extreme angles and looked downright awesome. There was fake snow -as you can see- all over the buildings and I kind of wish it was snowing because it was SO hot! Unfortunately a lot of these "little shops" were fake so you would just look in the windows and try to open the doors which wouldn't happen. They did have a few real stores, one of which was Honeydukes.  They also had little kiosks selling Butterbeer!
There are 3 rides in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter:
1. A big roller-coaster where your feet hang with tons of flips. 
I didn't go on this one because my dad didn't really want to and I wasn't going to ride it alone! I was fine with going on other rides but I'm sure this one would have been fun too!
2. A smaller family friendly Hippogriff roller-coaster.
Hint: If you can sneak into the Express line, do it. But don't say you heard that from me :) It goes A LOT faster.
Anyways, do you see the hippogriff? It is like made of out wicker or something. This was a fun little roller-coaster. I was actually laughing the whole way.
3. A simulation roller-coaster type ride within Hogwarts.
Here is Hogwarts where the simulation ride was! Amazing right?
This ride was probably the biggest attraction in the whole park. Actually I think if it weren't for the Harry Potter part of Universal Studios that the theme park would be going downhill.  Anyways, this simulation ride had the longest wait time so we decided to do it first so we wouldn't run out of time later. We waited for over an hour in the heat and man I lost a lot of the energy that I had when I was so excited. Oh and they make you put all of your stuff in lockers (they are free).
We finally got in the building! My dad took a ton of these photos for me and this is probably the best one! Harry, Ron, & Hermoine were telling us something here.
There were statues of famous wizards, "No Muggle" signs, skeletons of mystical creatures, lots of moving pictures, and Daily Prophet newspaper clippings with moving pictures!
Here is my dad and I just waiting to get on the ride! [Yes, my hair is crazy frizzy wavy with the humidity]
There were a ton of signs saying if you get nauseous in general do not ride! We finally get up to the place where you get on the ride and they had to stop the ride for a bit. Apparently someone just threw up right where you exit the ride. Sick. If you don't know me, I will do ANYTHING to not throw up (Proof HERE). I will gladly accept any kind of sickness other than the flu. Any who, so this poor girl had to clean up some selfish person's throw up (selfish that they didn't obey the signs...and still wanted to ride). Then a religious youth group cheered for that girl when she was done...hehe.

So we get on the ride and it was crazy! You sit in these chairs with your feet dangling so I would recommend wearing shoes that won't fall off OR sitting on them. I had flip flops so I sat on mine and they were fine. If you were to just put them next to you in your seat they would for sure fall out! You sit in these chairs and they lay you on your back, lay you on your stomach, spin you, and do all sorts of things. You do not flip though. You go through some parts where it is simulation like where you are flying through a Quidditch field or chasing dementors and such. I secretly tried to really feel like I was in Harry Potter with them and following Harry on a broomstick haha. It was pretty cool :)
Note: If you sit in the first chair (or the one all the way to the left when you are facing it) YOU WILL get sprayed in the face with smoke, steam, and water from a dragon! It will pick YOU out of the people in your "ride unit" and the dragon's face will get SUPER close to you and then blow steam in your face! Yep, this happened to me. I saw it coming for my face and it was interesting hehe. Also, I was closest to this creepy dementor.

Here I am in front of Hogwarts Express (a stationary one).
I am surprised they didn't even make this train a little ride for kids...I think Disney would have hehe.
Here is a side shot of Hogwarts.  I am on a bridge that takes you to a different part of the park. But wow what a view! I just loved looking at the whole Harry Potter set up.
It's funny but the background of Hogwarts almost looks fake. It is not.

To top it off, we ate dinner at Three Broomsticks.
We absolutely had Butterbeer & Pumpkin Juice! The Butterbeer tasted like a pure butterscotch drink with foam on top and the Pumpkin Juice tasted like apple cider actually. I ordered the Cornish Pasties and a side salad. I would probably not recommend that ha so order something different. So I am posing with my dad's food below!
And of course we had to visit the gift shops and get something Harry Potter!
We were totally going to get cloaks (nerd alert) but they were $100 each! Yeah right. Also the wands were freaking awesome (I liked Fleurs) however  it is a fancy piece of wood and what would I do with it? So I passed.
Fact: My dad and I have matching Harry Potter luggage tags! Yep. My dad has a Harry Potter luggage tag. He picked out Hufflepuff because he thinks the name is hilarious (also secretly I think because it matches his suitcase) and I picked out Gryffindor.
We also got matching Harry Potter t-shirts that say Quidditch Team on the back of them. Here is my Gryffindor shirt and my dad picked out a green Slytherin one! We wore these when we surprised Kevin in Omaha at the College World Series (more on that later).
Sorry this was SO long but how else could I write it? If you made it through, congrats!


  1. I could comment on every detail of this post, but I'm pretty sure it'd set a world record for longest comment. haha! Just know that I'm super jealous and I love it all! Oh, and your hair looks gorgeous! Humidity looks good on you. haha!

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    i am loving your blog! so darling!

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  11. That was supposed to be an exclamation point, FYI. Not a one :)

  12. gosh i'm pretty jealous - i haven't been to a theme park in years!! they had tons where i used to live but none here. it's weird because my husband and i were just talking about roller coasters yesterday! i hope you had fun!!

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