WINNER of the Zephyr Hat Giveaway (& Ty Beanie Babies)

I know you have all been waiting to find out who won the Zephyr hat!
So...the WINNER of the Zephyr hat giveaway is...
Giveaway Zephyr Number
Zephyr Giveaway
Email me at: ashleysloan7@gmail.com and we can work out the details! :)
Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway; I will be having another one so maybe next time will be your turn to win!

Here is my {30 Day} Photo Challenge picture of 'something that reminds you of childhood!'
Sorry this is an actual picture of me with my Ty beanie baby bear, hehe.  In case you were wondering I was definitely in elementary school ha. And yes, I've had glasses since I was 3 years old - I am SO blind....any who.  I am in Orlando, Florida right now and have not had any time to take a picture of anything that reminds me childhood so I found this picture of me on my computer.
Can you tell I like green? Ha.

Anyways, I loved collecting beanie babies and would spend all of my money on them! Did anybody wait outside of retail stores at like 5am waiting for the new Ty beanie babies to come out? Please someone say they did that!!! My mom and I and some siblings waited real early (outside of Hallmark in the mall) so we could get all of the new ones! Every time they released a new list of beanie babies I would print it off and check off the beanie babies I had (I guess I was an early list maker/check-er off-er :)). I even saved up my money and bid on a 'rare royal blue elephant' on eBay because my favorite animal is elephant (proven HERE) and I wanted the rare one. I payed around $85 for it and when I got it I realized it was a fake; I had even read online how to spot a counterfeit and I had just bought one! I was kind of disappointed but wasn't too upset about it. I still have all of my beanie babies; I probably have 130-ish. I remember thinking years ago like in junior high that they would probably be worth a lot of money when the years went by but now I bet they don't have much value!

What reminds you of your childhood?
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PPS. I reached 100 followers today....!!! Whaa?!?! I have no clue how or why anyone would follow me but that is pretty cool I guess! :)  No, it is! You guys are the best!!!


  1. Yayy, congrats to the winner! And what an adorable picture :) I, too enjoyed Beanie Babies :)

  2. I have (yup still packed at the top of my closet) tons of been babies!! Loved those! And you were adorable!

  3. haha my parents still have all of ours from when my sister and I were growing up. I think we have over 50 in a toy box in the basement!

  4. Congrats on reaching 100 followers! Make that 101 :) I love beanie babies growing up too. Though now, they're all in a box at my parent's house. Maybe one day they'll be worth something.


  5. YAY 100 :) that is the happiest accomplishment! congrats :) and yes don't worry i was an avid beanie baby lover as well! i've still got a box in the garage hahah! lets keep our fingers crossed that one day they are worth a lot (.......wishful thinking!)

  6. Love your blog! And that pic of you! Green used to be my favorite...and I think that I owned the same pair of glasses.

  7. yay! I'm not the only one who's been wearing glasses as long as they can remember! I have so many similar pictures from my childhood. I am SO behind on the challenge..oops! I'll catch up tomorrow though. this picture is so cute!
    House of Shoes

  8. Omg this picture reminds me of a picture of me!!! HAH we looked pretty similar. I had the big round glasses too.
    Annddd I collected them too!
    Congrats on 100 :)

  9. super cute photo:) My sister still has like 200 beanie babies.
    you must still love green... you're wearing it in all your 'button' photos too:D