We Love Surprises: College World Series

So in my family we often surprise each other.
Like flying on a plane and showing up somewhere completely unexpected to see someone, kind of a surprise.
1. For instance, one time when I was at BYU my dad booked a flight for me to surprise my mom for Mother's Day. My dad had me hide in our detached garage with my luggage and had my mom come in to look at something. Then I screamed "Surprise!!!" when she came around the corner and she screamed and was seriously scared! Mission accomplished.
2. Another time, Kevin surprised me by coming home a day early from his summer baseball team in Albany, New York. See the surprise HERE.
3. This one time my dad and I were in Orlando, Florida for a business trip HERE. We were going to fly home to Colorado June 17, 2011 but we decided a day or two before that we should look into plane tickets to Omaha, Nebraska. Kevin was there for the Baseball College World Series (CWS) working for Zephyr. His parents and sister Anna actually were meeting him there for the weekend to watch some games and hangout with him when we wasn't working.  So, my dad and I found the cheapest flight and we booked it! We left Friday June 17 from Orlando and had a layover in Wisconsin for 5 hours. Milwaukee probably has the most boring airport we decided. I bought Water for Elephants to read after I finished The Host, which I read for most of the layover.
Anyways, we landed in Omaha and checked in, at the same hotel as Kevin. There were only two rooms left in that hotel and the rates were crazy since it was across the street from the Ameritrade Park.
Mike (my uncle and Zephyr employee) told us where Kevin and his family was so we could surprise them. They were all at the opening ceremonies at the Ameritrade baseball park.  My dad and I found them and I was so nervous to surprise them! Finally, the whole audience was facing one way watching something on the field and then I popped out and started waving at them! Anna (Kevin's sister) saw me first and was shocked and Kevin ran over to say hi! Kevin was so surprised and happy! He immediately asked me what I was wearing (a HARRY POTTER shirt) haha. My dad was also wearing one too. We wanted to embarrass him lol. He is not a fan of Harry Potter although he has never even read any of the books or seen a movie!
[More on the Harry Potter theme park HERE]
Here is a statue from the old Rosenblatt Baseball Stadium where the CWS always was before the Ameritrade Park was built. This was the first year where the CWS was at the Ameritrade Park.
So we surprised them, ate food, and watched fireworks. We only stayed until Saturday night when our flight was so it was a busy weekend. We watched some of the first CWS game which was Vanderbilt vs. North Carolina.
Anna, me, & Kevin sporting our Zephyr branded Snapbacks
Then my dad and I gave out free hats and stickers to people wearing Zephyr hats and took pictures of the people for the Facebook fan page and Twitter. I love doing those kinds of things- approaching people and giving them stuff or working booths hehe.
Here are some pictures of some Zephyr fans we talked to :)
And apparently one guy is throwing a gang sign so don't judge ha.
So that was our BIG surprise for Kevin and his family! So. Much. Fun.


  1. I don't get surprised enough :) These sound lovely, your family sounds awesome!

  2. All of these surprises sound like SO much fun- I wish someone would do that to me! :)

    star-crossed smile

  3. Haha!! That's so awesome! What dis you think of the host?

  4. I love surprising people! I just wish I had the budget to fly back and forth to see my family in arizona more. sounds like you have a fun family! and I take pictures of my outfits anytime I wear something that might be blog-worthy. using the self-timer is really easy too, just get a tripod or place the camera on a shelf even! I always use my kitchen counter haha
    The House of Shoes

  5. AAACK! A gang sign!? that scares me. ;)

    You guys are so cute!!

  6. Awww, I just love surprises, especially when it is visits from family or friends!! Looks like y'all had a great time...minus the gang signs! Haha!!

  7. oh my heck this looks so fun! surprises are the best. i laughed at the harry potter shirt comment. great. your posts make my day!

  8. I can't get over this post! I bet Kevin was SO excited to see you when you surprised him. I told James that you and your dad showed up in Harry Potter t-shirts to the game and he just shook his head and said, "Unbelievable." He's kind of like Kevin about that kind of thing. I thought it was So funny!