The story about the bird who lived too short

Today's {30 Day} Photo Challenge is of an Animal! 
Let me tell you about the story of the bird who lived too short.
Last Sunday (June 5), my dad and I ran to his work to grab something from his office. We were about to leave when I noticed the birds nest outside of his window. He had sent my mom a picture of this birds nest a week ago so I knew there was a nest there but I had just noticed it. I was like, "Ohhh how cute...little birds in a nest!" The mom was feeding the baby birds and they all had their mouths open. I ran over and started taking pictures.
Here is the mom and the four baby birds.
All of a sudden the mom flew away and the four birds were just sitting here like this. I think that I may have scared the mom because I was right up on the other side of the window staring down at them.
Then I see a little baby bird kind of flapping his wings and looking like it may jump out of the nest. I asked my dad (who was closer looking at the birds with me) "Oh my gosh can they fly?!?" My dad said, "Noo...oh we have to get out of here!!!" So we ran out of his office because we thought we may be scaring the birds and didn't want them to jump out of the nest and fall. We ran into a different office (that you can still see the nest} and meanwhile my dad sees out of the corner of his eye the baby bird fall out of the nest! Now my dad's office is on the second story of the building and he has taken pictures lots of times and has brought many employees to see the little birds and no bird has jumped. We ran downstairs and see the baby bird like this...
The baby bird was breathing heavy and trying to flap his wings...poor thing. The mom and dad birds were just watching from afar and could definitely not carry/fly this baby bird back up to its nest! 
Ah we felt so bad! If we tried to carry the baby bird up to its nest we would have to open the window and screen and that would probably freak out the other three baby birds...so I think it would have caused more damage than good...so we left his baby bird. And the next morning at work the bird was gone. My dad thinks a coyote got this little baby! So that was our somber Sunday! It's a sensitive subject. Don't judge.
And here was yesterday's picture for the Photo Challenge...fresh fruit! I bought some fresh blueberries and here they are!
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  1. Aww, poor little baby :( When I was a kid that kind of thing used to destroy me. I still get sad but...sometimes nature is cruel :(

  2. Sad! At least you didn't risk the other babies in trying to save one... but still sad.

  3. Awww!! I hate hearing stories like that. So sad. :(

  4. Aw! I may cry. Honestly. That is the saddest story!! :,( poor baby bird!!

  5. that is So Sad! if the little birdies are still there you should take em home and make little pets out of em :) I'm pretty late on today's pictures- I just barely put them up! lol. but sorry about the bird! :(

    House of Shoes

  6. Aw such a sad story :( Poor birdie.

  7. aw thanks a lot now I am sad! poor baby bird...

  8. awwww poor little birdie! yum blueberries!

  9. oh and I use Picnik.com to edit my photos by the way, in answer to your question :)

  10. hey Ashley! Thanks for the follow, following you back now:)
    Have a good sunday

  11. Poooor baby :( whats with them jumping out of their nests!?!? ALL three jumped out of the one at my house but one unfortunately didnt make it. Im shocked he was okay jumping from that high :/ we can be positive and think maybe somebody called the rescue though!!! lol