Here is Day 2 of the {30 Day} Photo Challenge!
Day 2 is a picture of your Favorite Shoe(s)!
I couldn't pick just one so I picked a few.
Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order.
Shoe Collage
1. Silver Flats: Me Too, Nordstrom - These are very comfy and I am so glad I bought them; they match a lot!
2. Short Boots: Steve Madden, Nordstrom - These are also very comfy, trendy, and one of my favorites. I love how they zip up! I love wearing them with jeggings or skinny jeans.
3. Boat Shoes: Sperrys Topsiders, Nordstrom - Amazing classic shoe. They go with a lot and are very preppy which I LOVE.
4. Black Flats: Eva & Zoe, DSW - These are also very comfy and I love the flowers! I have a hard time finding flats that are comfortable because my feet are a little different in sizing and I think I have higher arches. Often times the sides scratch and hurt but these are perfect because they expand. [Shout out some favorite brands will you? of comfortable and stylish shoes... :)]

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+ Also sorry I have been lame/late at replying to comments - I will get on that soon! I appreciate all of your comments, I really do :)
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And for tomorrow...my engagement story! Kevin proposed to me THREE years ago June 3, 2008!

Take a look at some of my favorite shoe brands here!
Steve Madden
Have a good day!


  1. Love me some Sperry's! They are so comfy and summery, right!?

  2. You know how I know we were meant to be friends? I have the same shoes 2 AND 3! Girl serious, move closer so we can be real life friends. I can't wait to hear all about the engagement story *sigh* I just love reading those. Hope you have a great weekend sweet! x


  3. Love the sperrys and steve maddens! Steve madden may be my favorite shoe brand :)

  4. the black bow flats are adorable!!