Our Engagement Story

Our Engagement Story - June 3, 2008

Before I get down to the proposal I need to preface it with some information.

Kevin and I knew we were going to get married before he officially proposed. We even started planning the wedding (a little bit) like setting the date for August 8, 2008 in the Denver, Colorado temple. Yes we were married on 08.08.08; how great is that? Anyways, we browsed jewelers and I figured out what type of a ring I liked so Kevin could be guided with his choice. I wanted something classic and not too trendy. I wanted to love my ring in ten years and not have it be one of those trendy ones.

So right after we set the date Kevin kept telling me how he wasn't sure when he was going to have the ring to propose. He had made comments before how he had a ring guy who could design it in a different state (which was true) and wasn't sure when the ring would be done. I also knew Kevin had looked at different jewelry stores so I was confused and was starting to get worried. It even got worse when he made comments that he wasn't sure if the engagement ring would be there in time for our Engagement pictures. I kept saying I can't get pictures without it and I would cancel the shoot if I didn't have it in time - obviously!

So my mom flew in to Utah to help me find a dress and start planning the wedding because we just barely set the date and that was two months away. Yep, we planned a wedding in TWO months; it is possible ladies. :)

June 1, 2008 - Sunday
So my mom was in town and Kevin invited me over to his apartment for a romantic Italian dinner at his apartment. My mom wasn't invited. He had slaved over making authentic Italian dishes, moving his apartment furniture around so we could have a nice table arrangement in the living room, and making the aesthetics just right.

[Kevin lived in Italy for 2 years serving a mission for the LDS church so he is a pro when it comes to Italian cuisine...and speaking Italian]

Well, I didn't think anything of it but Kevin was trying to fake me out. He thought I was thinking that he would propose that night, but I didn't really think that. I think my mom thought that he may propose that night. So he took me home to King Henry and my mom, him, and I all probably hung out. He likes to think he faked us out!

June 3, 2008 - Tuesday
The reason why Kevin and I were both at BYU in June was because we stayed for spring term. I was taking a Ballet and Economics class and Kevin was taking Calculus to get into the BYU Marriott School of Management.

I don't remember what Kevin was doing all day, maybe playing Baseball (Kevin played Baseball for BYU) but he invited me over to watch the stars on the BYU Baseball field and have dessert. I kind of had a feeling he may propose that night. Unfortunately I was not looking cute or anyway I would want to look when I get proposed to. I was wearing sweats and my hair was up because I had Ballet that day and didn't bother to get ready. I kind of felt bad that Kevin and I were going to look at stars without my mom and told her she could come a few times. She said she was fine and that we should go.

So Kevin picked me up and drove me over to the BYU Baseball field. It was around 9 or 10 pm when we headed over there. The clouds looked like they were going to rain soon so he said we had to hurry. I kept saying I don't think we will be able to see the stars! But he said we'll see some. We got out of the car and Kevin had a big picnic basket. We walked out onto the field and Kevin walked me over right where he wanted us to sit. He pulled a blanket out of the picnic basket and some candles. Angelfood cake, strawberries, and homemade cool whip came out as well. Kevin knew me well; I love strawberries and angelfood cake! I loved how he made the cool whip himself. So we just sat and talked, probably about the upcoming wedding.

Then Kevin said, alright, lets look at stars now. Then he said, no lets face this way and made me face a certain direction to "look" at the stars.  Then he blew out the candles and an animation came onto the Baseball scoreboard. There were a ton of stars flying and I knew he was proposing.  Then the words appeared, "Ashley, will you marry me?" I said, "Yes!" and realized he was kneeling and holding a box with a ring in it.  It was the ring I wanted from Wilson's Diamonds! I grabbed it out of the box and put it on....so he didn't even put it on my finger. I'm such a loser haha.
Right after he proposed. Yep, I am totally in dancer sweats/clothes.
Then it started to rain so we picked up the stuff and threw it in the picnic basket and ran off the field to the car. I asked Kevin how he had the animation go on the scoreboard at the right time. He said that his friend Andrew Dougherty was in the box office and the cue was when Kevin blew out the candles to start the animation. We had an audience ha! I think he said someone else was in there too.

We drove home to where I was living at King Henry and walked in. My mom was sitting with ALL of my room mates (I had 5 of them) and there were some other girls over as well. They all knew he had proposed! Then we drank some sparkling drink!
Here we are at the apartment.
Kevin all giddy and happy.
Oh, and here is my ring. I looove it.
By the way, being 3 years later from when we were engaged and having this be  
Day 3 of the {30 Day} Photo Challenge it works out perfect because today is a picture of HANDS!
Want to hear how Kevin and I met? Go here. I'll also be putting this story there as well.
Have a great day friends.


  1. Looove this story! How cute!!!

  2. Creative man!
    Me and my boyfriend talk about it all the time. I have sent him very very detailed emails with pictures and descriptions of the ring I want hahah (upon his request of course, I wouldn't just send him email after email on my own. I might look crazy lol). But I always tell him I just want the proposal to be create and unique, but cheap, because lets be real, I would rather more money in the ring haha and the wedding :P I don't think there's a need for expensive proposals!

  3. That is too precious, what a lovely story! :) Congrats to you. And I like the 8/8/08 date - ours is 7/10/10 which isn't nearly as interesting, but lots of even numbers so I like it :) You are so pretty btw! :)

    What were you doing in Russia if you don't mind me asking? :) I knew a guy in college who did his LDS mission in Russia but in more rural areas!

  4. aww that is the sweetest story! he put a lot of work into that wow! that's like out of a movie :) and wowzah what a ring! :)

    House of Shoes

  5. aw love this story!! you are one step ahead of me on the photo challenge haha :)

  6. So sweet! I love proposal stories that are people being themselves - sweatshirts and all :)

  7. This is such a romantic love story. For serious. :) I decided to play along with the photo fun, linked it on your original post!!! What a fab idea!!

  8. How sweet/amazing/wonderful! I love that you have pictures. And that ring is a stunner!

  9. WOW. I was also IN a wedding on 8/8/8 that was also planned in 2 months! Their story was unique as well... They met and fell in love in HS however she was a foreign exchange student. She went back to Vietnam after graduation and they dated long distance with him visiting ever so often. He had to raise $20,000 before he could even bring her back to America. This was to prove he could care for her. You can bet as soon as she got here in June of 08 they married with just family and had their big ceremony on 8/8/8!