Little Letters 1

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I love hand written letters. They are so sincere and sentimental. I love cute and fun stationary and I am always tempted to buy some, even when I have a couple of sets at home. I just bought some cute note cards from Target last week, remember?
[Anyways, I saw this style of a post from Caitlin's blog To Make Love Stay and I decided I would have to try it! Thanks girl!]

Dear readers,
Why do you follow me? Hehe. But really.
And who are my Bloglovin' friends? I have no clue who you are so say something so I can visit your blog! And by the way, please turn off comment word verification because that is super annoying. I love people who don't enable those features.

Dear pregnant and new moms in Colorado,
Why did you sign up for Aflac? Now I can't sign up for hospital coverage and get a good check in the mail when I deliver my child. It's because too many people took advantage of this great insurance here in the colorful state of Colorado! No I am not pregnant and we are not close to being pregnant, but I do need to look into hospital insurance to be prepared and knowledgeable. It is a whole lot cheaper if you have Aflac and you deliver in a hospital. I know friends in Utah who made money off of it!
[Serious question: Anyone have hospital insurance? Leads? Who do you go through?]

Dear pregnant, moms, or want to be moms,
What do you do when you have insurance for both your husband and yourself and if you had a baby the insurance wouldn't cover it? I am on Blue Cross Blue Shield and because I am not the policy holder but am a daughter of the holder my baby will have no coverage!
[Another serious question: Do you know of any baby or 1 child health insurances? Enough seriousness for now :)]

Dear airline companies,
Why do you make it so hard to change names on our frequent flier cards? I have been married for almost 3 years and still have to change my name on United and Frontier. Southwest Airlines took forever.

Dear contact rebate,
Don't fail me or get lost in the mail. I would like my $100 Visa gift card!

Dear rental apartments in the Fort Collins, Colorado area,
Why are you so expensive, small, and not that great? And why are there so many income restriction ones that are nicer than the non income restriction ones? Some of those ones are so new and pretty and I wouldn't mind living there. I will need to suck it up and spend $500 more than the ones I lived in in Utah. But I may have a good option for a town-home...going to look at one later this week :)

Dear iPhone,
Oh wait, this was posted...January of 2010. See my letter HERE. And I still love you iPhone.

Dear twin girlies in the nursery at church,
You are too (two) cute and I want to steal you. To their parents: thanks for giving one girl one pony tail and the other two pony tails always, so everyone can know who is who. Maybe I will be lucky and have twin girls!

Dear retail stores,
Why am I your best consumer. I even took a Consumer Behavior class at BYU and I love all of your store tactics and love to take advantage of all of the "deals" and "sales". Unfortunately for you I haven't bought anything recently, but it is sure tempting. I sure love to buy things!

Hopefully you enjoyed my little letters! I think I will have to do some more sometime and man I could write a ton more so you're lucky I stopped there. And yesterday as I was taking pictures of the sunset for today's {30 Day} Photo Challenge post the battery died and now I can't find the Canon in our house! So I am going to post a sunset picture from my honeymoon to Jamaica. Ya mon!
Here we are right before we ate dinner at the all inclusive Sandals resort in Montego Bay!
And here are some 'not sunset' pictures. Here we are at dinner that fine evening.
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  1. Haha! I love them! :) I read your blog because I love learning about other peoples lives and I feel like we really are good friends. Plus I love your posts and the photography challenge!

  2. HEEHEE! Love your letters! I read your blog because you are super cute and fun and entertaining! ;)

    & you guys are a super cute couple. :D

  3. I know what you mean-Toronto housing market is the same way. Ridiculously small and expensive. Or not small and more expensive :P My place=small! Canada's most expensive condo just sold here in Toronto for $28 million. Should have put my bid in sooner ;)

  4. Feel free to come live in Chicago where $1400 a month for a tiny 1 bedroom is "cheap"!

  5. i immediately went to my settings to see if my blog had that annoying word verification and it did!! no worries, it's gone now! thanks for the heads up :)


  6. I follow because you blog about very "real" things and that makes me happy. I read so many fake blogs about nothing, it's nice to read about real people :)

    Sooo this might be weird, but I *love* writing hand-written letters. If you'd like a penpal I'd be happy to oblige! <33

  7. I have BlueCross too because of it's my parent's insurance. It seriously sucks. I am trying to figure out the insurance thing myself, but still haven't really figured it out for a baby. :) Good Luck!

  8. hhahaha!

    I love your letters today!!!

  9. Snail mail is the absolute BEST! It's my favorite. And pretty stationary only makes it all the more better. I love it! And I like your fake sunset picture:) You look happy, real sunset or not!

  10. haha I love this kind of post. I may have to do one like this soon! and Beautiful picture of you!! wow!
    p.s. my photo challenge pictures are up ;) can't wait to see yours!

    House of Shoes

  11. thanks for your comment! Photography is my favorite thing ever and I'm hoping to take more college classes on it :) plus, that photo was edited a little bit on my fave online editing site so it didn't start out that colorful haha. Anyway, I've never gone to byu here, I'm just here cause my hubby is going to school here, so I probably don't know your sister, but he might! oh and I love colorado!!! lucky!

  12. you too are a beauutiful couple.
    and I also hate the blogger comment word verification... wish it NEVER existed!
    :) Hope all is well, Ashley!

  13. I love handwritten letters too, but sadly, I never take the time (hangs head in shame)

    I follow you because you are a real and awesome blogger, and those are the kinds I like :) and I don't even know what "bloglovin" is??

    Insurance really pisses me off. don't we pay ENOUGH that they should cover the costs when we need them?!?!

    love the ponytail girl story. my sister (who is a twin) is expecting twin girls in 4 months! so excited!!!

  14. Your letters are the funniest and cutest! Such a good idea.


  15. these are pretty awesome! you would think people get the hint about word verification?!?! have a great weekend sweetie!