Little Florida Business Trip!

My dad and I arrived in Orlando, Florida on Monday (HERE) for our little Zephyr hat business trip to work at the Collegiate Licensing Seminar (CLC) until Thursday! Zephyr was a sponsor of the CLC meaning we got a booth and was there to show our support for all of the college licensing directors and the CLC. The CLC is kind of the intermediary between the licensing directors and the company who is wanting to use the Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo (or whoevers logo). Both the university and the company kind of go through the CLC. Anyways, enough of that business talk.
*Random fact:
I LOOOOVE promoting products and doing promotions!
Being a Marketing major somehow it is my thing. I did a few promotions when I worked at Urban Talent (a modeling/acting agency). Basically you study up the product and talk to anyone and everyone in a public place. You get a lot of rejection but I love learning the products, approaching, informing, persuading, and closing sales with consumers. I promoted Axe (mens body spray), Pond's facial towelettes and hooked up the buyers with free Mamma Mia movie tickets, and worked at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City.
ALSO, I loved talking to random business students in the Marriott School of Management convincing them to vote in the business student council elections, getting them to attend events for different business organizations, etc.
I seriously love working booths and convinced BYU students to join Folk Dance and to take a few minute surveys for my husband's entrepreneurial website...SO MUCH FUN! Okay enough. But ahh, it is so fun.

Here I am working the Zephyr booth. We gave out free Zephyr branded Snapbacks and stickers to licensing directors. We were not selling them anything but just showing support. It was a little different kind of a gig because normally I SELL!
My official badge so you know it was a real gig.
Just a photo of some Snapback stickers.
One evening after we worked the booth we hit up the pool outside. I went on a slide and my dad got an embarrassing video of it for Kevin; this will not be shown here hehe. Here I am about to head out to the pool.
EMERGENCY! My fedora got squished in my bag and is misshapen...I am SO annoyed!
Does anyone know how to make these types of hat go back to its original shape?
And here is a scene of the pool as I was reading The Host! Photo edited with my FIRST iPhone app purchase (Camera +).
Oh, and if you live in Fort Collins and want the BEST pedicure/manicure go see Mindy at Kim's Nails... she is a lifelong friend and she did my pretty toes here :) And on my wedding!
Probably my next post will be on the HARRY POTTER theme park!!! We shall see!
I literally have SOOO many topics I could write on; it is basically the opposite of writer's block. Anyone else with me here?


  1. ashley gormley-sloan! i miss you! can you please call me so we can catch up and i can hear all about your fabulous life? xoxo.

  2. woohoo! You look so happy.. I love it!

  3. Remind me- is this ur first time reading the host?? It's my favorite. :) I am pretty sure we've discussed this though. Haha! Can't wait for the Harry potter post! I'm so jealous! And inlove that you're so passionate about what you do. That's the way to go!

  4. Marketing is an awesome field to get into, how awesome that you are so passionate about it. Glad you guys have been having a great time.

  5. You look adorable in your fedora!! I got a custom made hat in Puerto Rico like 4 years ago, and the hat maker (is there an official name for that?) said that if it gets smooshed when traveling, you can use an iron on low heat. Happy Monday!

  6. What a great job! I was in radio advertising for a little while, but never promotion. I always thought that side of things looked so fun!

  7. so great that you're having a good time. i need to pick up a fedora before the weekend. i think it's a must at the pool.

  8. You are so cute! And so fancy. Your own stickers? Woah.

    I can't wait to hear about Harry Potter! Ah. You lucky little thing.


  9. What a great trip...I heard just a bit about the surprise in Omaha :)

    Can't wait to see you guys soon!

  10. you are beautiful! aside from being away from the husband, that sounds like a sweet gig! I thought about doing marketing, but my heart was in nutrition!

  11. SUCH a little business woman. I miss you!