Jimmer Night

So if you don't already know, we are JIMMER fans.
a little on the NBA Draft...
Jimmer was picked 10th by the Milwaukee Bucks, and then traded to the Sacramento Kings!
He is no longer a BYU Cougar but a King!
Guess that tells my family which jerseys we will be buying next.

And...here is a little (okay a lot) of proof we had & still have Jimmer fever.
+ We made our appearance at the BYU vs. SDSU game HERE
+ We rock out to "Teach Me How to Jimmer" (Dougie) HERE
+ Both Kevin and I have a Jimmer stickers on our car HERE
+ I will brainwash my future children to sing about him HERE
+ Jimmer wears my dad's hats (dad's hat company- Zephyr) HERE

And of course I follow him and his girlfriend on Twitter!
So that sounds kind of creepy, but hey I'm just a BYU sports fan! & Alumni.
Okay that is all.

PS. Let's be Twitter friends, if you'd like...find me HERE (or I'm @Ashley_Katinka) and let me know when you follow what your username is so I know it is you :)


  1. hahaha! Oh the Jimmermania. so great. :) I vowed that I'd never get a twitter, otherwise- I'd totally follow you!

  2. I first heard of this on my BIL Nick's FB status...he said "Jimmer isn't a name. I'm going to start calling myself Nicker, it makes about as much sense." haha! So I know nothing about basketball...he's handsome though!

  3. So, I have issues.
    I was ticked that the Utah Jazz didn't pick Jimmer.

    Are they IDIOTS?! Do they know how much money they could've had raised cause people just want to see Jimmer in his amazingness! He is an incredible basketball player!

    whew, ok, I am off the soap-box.
    I still love Jimmer anyway