SYTYCD: I wish I was a Jazz dancer...

I love this dance.
I love this song by La Roux.
I wish I was this girl...she is amazing.
I wish I could dance like her. She has great extensions and lines.
Unfortunately my dance forte is opposite of this (clogging- kind of like tap).
Maybe she (Kaitlyn) will be a favorite?
Go enjoy now.
PS. Start watching So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD).
It. will. not. disappoint.
PPS. Please do not tell me who is eliminated from last week as I still have to watch that episode! Kthanksbye.


  1. Ah yes, loved this.
    And I fell in love with that song!

  2. I LOVE stytcd. It makes my week :)

    You won't BELIEVE who went home last week. (See what I did there? Getting you all riled up and not tellin')

  3. I can't live without this show or Cat Deeley.

  4. I loooooooooove love love that show. Makes me so sad I gave up dancing.

  5. YES! Another SYTYCD fan- I love that show! :D

    star-crossed smile

  6. I loved this dance! And don't worry! You won't be sad at all when you see the result show! :D I admit, jazz is my favorite (and lyrical/ contemporary). I am happy that I've taken it.

  7. woww!!! awesome dance. just saw a couple from ^gentri's^ site and i'm convinced to start watching! :) <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com