Hike to Horsetooth Falls

So last Friday (June 24, 2011) after Kevin got off work we drove up to the Horsetooth Mountain open space (near Fort Collins) to hike up to Horsetooth Falls! My mom, brother, and some youth from our church hiked it the week prior and I had been wanting to take Kevin on a hike so we decided to do the one my mom knew about. It was a shorter hike and I thought it would be fine since we haven't really been hiking ever since we were married and we should start out easy.  I have a lot of hikes planned for this summer! I grew up in Colorado and we went on hikes when I was younger, usually whenever we'd go camping in the mountains, so I thought since we are living here now I should take Kevin on some. We went to school in Utah (BYU) and didn't take advantage of all of the things you can do there so I am determined to take advantage of the outdoorsy stuff here!
SO, we picked up some McDonalds on our way to the trail-head, ate it there, and started our hike! I love little picnics...however I do not love McDonalds. I didn't plan ahead very well so we realized it was the only fast food place on our way and had to stop there to grab a bite for dinner! We left Katinka at home for this hike since there were rattlesnakes when my mom and brother went but we will be bringing her on some soon!

Here are some scenes from our hike!
Starting on Horsetooth Falls Trail and do you see my shirt?
It is a Baseball College World Series one with all of the college teams who made it to the CWS...I LOVE IT! Okay, yes, I fell in love with Baseball since Kevin played collegiate baseball for BYU. I got it at the tourney HERE. And pardon my whiteness.
Has anyone ran hiking trails? Kevin and I had started hiking and came across a couple in love and it is always awkward to walk RIGHT behind people so we decided to run for awhile and pass them. Kevin asked me "What happened to my Ashley?!" Since he knows I don't love to run, but I try and it was my idea! So we ran for a little bit and I got a side ache but at least we passed the couple haha.
We hiked for a mile and a half and got to the falls! Okay, for some reason the waterfalls look smaller in this picture than they really are. And they kind of look pathetic ha. But at this time of year I guess they are smaller.
I wanted to hike on Saturday but Kevin had something to do in the morning so we decided to go after work on Friday. This meant that we started our hike around 6pm after our picnic. We were originally going to hike just 3 miles round trip to this little waterfall but when we got there I decided to extend our hike. I didn't want to go back the way we came...so I added 2, 3, 4 more miles on...not really sure...and came back a different way! The whole time I was worried it would get dark and I didn't want to get lost in the woods with just my teeny camera! That light could not lead us out of the forest! So our rather enjoyable hike was more of a frantic walk, haha.
We were hiking along and saw this deer. I started taking pictures really far away and then as we kept walking closer it didn't run away! So we got pretty dang close and Kevin may or may not have threw a rock at it which hit the deer.  The deer may have not moved at all. Okay, no one go all PETA on us. Kevin is a hardcore hunter. Any who, it was cool because we came across more deer as well!

Do you see that lake? It is Horsetooth Lake and popular for boating, wake boarding, water-skiing, and all that fun lake stuff!
And here is the end of the hike. Do you see all of the houses? It'd be crazy to live in one of those.
Anyways, have a great Wednesday!

Anddd...I am excited because there are some fun things happening this weekend/next week on my blog.
A few features and a GIVEAWAY on Saturday! Stay tuned!


  1. Oh I love your blog! Hiking is the best...such pretty scenery :) Now following!


  2. OF COURSE my internet loses connection, and I lose my comment :| lol
    I wish we had wide open spaces like that around here!
    Me and Dylan used to go hiking a few times a year, but we haven't gone in forever. Actually, the first time we really hung out, he took my hiking. I thought he liked another girl, and didn't consider it a 'date' thing lol oh young love

  3. Yay for hiking! I've heard Utah is beautiful, have never been there myself. Glad you guys had so much fun and great pictures.

    We run along a fitness trail here, but it's not used by many walkers...just ATVs and dirt bikes!

  4. Looks so fun! One of my favorite things to do is hike! There's no good places around here, though... *sigh*

  5. FUN! I love hiking (for fun, I'm not hard core at all)! AND I would LOOOOVE to live in one of those houses! Heaven!

  6. Colorado looks lovely right now! I hear it's been super hot there. Hope you are staying cool in the heat. Love the pictures from your hike.

  7. Umm I love hiking!! That looks beautiful :)

    K and I am so so happy you found my blog. I read your whole story about you and Kevin, and its the cutest thing ever. His teammate Sean McNaughton is hot. Just saying. Haha.

    And does your hubs know a Kevin Berg that served there?? Kev is 24ish I think, just curious.

    Yay for be blogging friends lady! And living in the same city!

  8. Ohhhh how fun!
    looks like a lovely hike. I think you're gorgeous and shouldn't be allowed to look that good whilst hiking!

    JEALOUS majorly!

  9. I love hiking! Those pictures are gorgeous!!!:)

  10. Looks like ya'll had a great time!

  11. Love hiking! Just don't get to do it much. :(
    Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing!