{Guest Post} Summer Hairdo's by Gentri Lee!

Hey friends!
I am currently in Orlando, Florida at a CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company) seminar helping out my dad's hat company (& I'm kind of busy) so I asked Gentri Lee to guest post and she said she would! Guys this is awesome; you are lucky because she is awesome. I think she is awesome because when I read her guest post I felt like I almost wrote it with all of the 'Haha's :) I also feel like I've known her forever but...I haven't haha. But she is super nice, a dancer, and has the cutest blog ever (HERE) so I will stop talking now; read on!

Hello lovely Sloanbook readers!!
My name is Gentri and I am SUPER DUPER excited that Ashley asked me to guest post today! I love Ashley's blog and feel like we would be best friends if we ever met in real life. She is the sweetest and has such a great blog!
Today I'm going to tell you about some of my favorite summer hairdo's. I love playing around with hair and learning new ways to do it. So when my sister had a few of her friends coming over to watch Bachelorette with us (Go JP and West!) I took the opportunity to play with their hair. So excuse me if these pictures aren't the best- and there are a lot of them. I couldn't be too distracting at the risk of getting death glares because I interrupted the show. You understand. :)
First up we have my sister modeling the "Gaga Bow". This is the EASIEST thing in the world!
First you pull your hair on top of your head (center or side. I did hers to the side) and secure with an elastic. BUT Instead of pulling your hair all the way through on the last loop- leave it only pulled halfway through so you have a big loop and a tail. (make sense???) Then simply split the loop in half and secure the outside edges to the head with a bobby pin. Then take the tail that was left over and pull it over the elastic and secure in the front of your now bow with a bobby pin. DONE!
*NOTE* I did rat her hair before I made the first loop and combed out the top layer. It just added volume*

Next up is our dear friend Erica. For her I wanted to do the classic summer Fish Tail Braid.
This one is a bit tricky and just takes some practice. There are many ways to do this, but for her I did this to the side. Once you've decided where you want the braid, split the hair into TWO (NOT three) sections. Then take a piece from the OUTSIDE of a section and pull across to the other section (left to right or right to left). Then repeat starting with the opposite side. It takes more time and patience than just a regular braid. But the outcome is so worth it. Don't you think?

Up next was Breanne. For her I wanted to do the EASIEST hairdo in the entire UNIVERSE (bigger than the world- in case you didn't know). First you'll need an elastic headband. Place it on your head like a hippie. Peace. Then starting at the sides of your head grab the front section of hair and twist. Then tuck it through the headband (over and under) once. Once you've done both sides take the rest of your hair and start shoving it through the headband. Seriously. Just tuck it all in there (over then under).
Takes at the most 5 minutes. PLUS if you do it while your hair is wet and let it dry that way- when you take it out it'll be all beautiful and wavy! LOVE IT!

Last up is Breanne's younger sister- Kylie. I love braids on blondes so that was what I had to do. (plus she wanted a braid. haha) This one is tricky, and just like the Fish Tail Braid- takes practice. First we'll start with the headband. What you're going to do is comb your hair back (leaving your bangs out is optional. I like to), then starting at one ear pick up a section of hair at the hairline. Divide it into three sections and braid each strand once following the hairline up. When you're back to your first strand pick up a NEW section of hair at the front of your hairline (above where you started your braid) and add to the braid. Repeat with each strand- braiding across the front of your head ONLY picking up a new section of hair with the front strand. I call this a HALF french braid. (got it??) Be sure to grab from the FRONT of the braid or else it won't work right. End the braid at your other ear and secure with a bobby pin. Now you've got a lovely Braided Headband!
Now- if that wasn't enough for you lets finish this braid. Instead of bobby pinning your going to keep braiding. This is where it gets tricky. You need to work your fingers right so that you keep the flow of the braid pretty.
What you're going to do is keep braiding just like you were. Make sure to be picking hair up from the OUTSIDE of the hairline and only with the OUTSIDE strand. (so not from the center of your head- unless you want a bald spot in the middle of your head) Braid all the way around until you run out of hair to add to the braid. Then finish the braid off with the left over hair, pull it across your head and pin into place.
*NOTE* this IS possible with shorter hair and just takes practice!!
I hope you were able to pick a hairdo you like that you can add to your Summer routine! If you have any questions, feel free to send them my way! My contact info is on my blog under the "Contact Me" page (obviously). Also please stop by my blog where you can hear from me daily. You KNOW you want to! ;)

I don't know about you but I sure do the same hairdos everyday and this post was definately helpful for me and I'm excited to try some of these cute styles out :) Maybe I will post a picture!
Have a great day friends and show Gentri Lee some love!!!


  1. Thank you so so much for letting me
    Guest post Ashley!!! :D it was so fun to wake up to this! Have a blast in Orlando!! Oh! And I'll be sure to link to your blog!

  2. i have totally become obsessed with braids again.

  3. Ahhh this is just all so adorable! Deff gonna wear the gaga bow to the beach this summer :))) Btw Ashley I nominated you for a blogger award!!! :))) I just put the post up on my blog ;)) xoxo

  4. I've always wanted to know how to do the gaga bow! Oh Gentri, you are adorable. I agree, I feel like we've been BFF's forever! that's how blogging should be in my opinion. great post!!!

  5. Okay so excited to have some new hair ideas!!
    These are gorgeous!

  6. greally awesome hair ideas! Love 'em. Thanks Gentri and Ashley! Love the braid all around the head. so cool!

  7. Oh, I like these hairstyles! Looks amazing. Like to do it myself too.

  8. These are so cute! What a great idea!


  9. I love those hairstyles. My hair is just pulled in a pony today. I think it could look much lovelier.

  10. Love that bow! I will definitely give it a try.



  11. Ahh I adore those hairstyles. My favourites are the different types of braids. I could never really do them. :)

  12. This is SO cool. I love the headband one. Thanks for "introducing" me to Gentri, Ashley.

  13. ooohh i wish i could do that to my hair!
    i have been trying so hard to have a fish tail braids. I just cant!


  14. love them all!

    (and wish I was coordinated enough to do it on my own hair :)

    Maybe I'll be teaching my husband!

  15. Great guest post. Nice hairdos!

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