Goodbye Humidity

So I just got home from my trip to Orlando, Florida and SURPRISE visit to Omaha, Nebraska (more on that later)!
I am now in the wonderful state of Colorado and am welcoming the dry air! Thank goodness. I am not a big fan of humidity. It makes my hair curly and kind of frizzy and it makes you sweat so much more than is necessary.
I have been kind of slacking on blogging/replying to comments because of this business trip/week so I will get right on that ASAP/tomorrow :)
Oh and the trip was with my dad on a business trip for his hat company. We attended the CLC seminar (Collegiate Licensing Company). It was a seminar for all university licensing directors. So basically if you do the licensing of logos/artwork and whatnot for University of North Caroline you were there. Or Notre Dame. Or Utah. Or CU. Or Florida. The licensing these directors do is logos and designs for college hats, sweatshirts, anything with their university's logo/design on it sold in their bookstore or wherever.

So, it is late here in Colorado but I just wanted to post a few pictures of earlier this week (specifically Monday, June 13, 2011) when we arrived in Orlando, Florida!

We flew in to Orlando, Florida and rented a convertible! A few days prior to this trip it came up between Kevin, my dad, and I that I had never been in a convertible. Kevin said we will have to rent one sometime and I thought yeah someday we will. But, my dad made sure that when he called in to reserve a car at Hertz that they had a convertible for us! How sweet is that?! Here my dad is taking the top off the convertible.
Here I am in the convertible! Don't mind me- I'm looking kind of weird.
Anyways, it was in the mid 90's and pretty dang hot but it still felt good to be driving around in the convertible. No matter how much I would try to keep my hair from flying around, it didn't work. I just had to comb my hair out after the ride and wow it made a TON of tangles!
We then hit up the Florida Mall looking at hat stores and looking for clothes for my dad. Lastly, we made our way into ZARA and I got a cute orange skirt! Picture will be coming shortly, as I will have to purchase additional clothing so I can style that skirt :)
We checked into the Marriott World Center Resort because that is where the seminar was held. Here is a view of some of the resort!
Well, that is all for now!
Here are some things coming up!
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (theme park) at the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
  • The College World Series (Baseball) in Omaha, Nebraska, a surprise on my husband and his family
  • {30 Day} Photo Challenge catch up!
  • Our version of Planking.
  • Zephyr swag.
  • Father's Day.
  • My new ZARA skirt.


    1. I'm so jealous!! I need to go to Florida again so bad! I havnt been since I visited just after i had moved home from there. I miss it! Can't wait to see the other posts and the orange skirt! I've been wanting one for forever and found one- but I bought a cream skirt instead...

    2. The convertible makes me think of the Rebecca Black "Friday" video, haha! Looks like you guys had a blast <33

    3. Ohhh how fun!!!!
      Love the pics!!

    4. Sounds like a fun trip with your dad! Love that convertible. I'm sure he loved having you around!