Father's Day!

Happy Belated Father's Day!
to my dad, David Gormley
my father in law, Greg Sloan
Kevin as a future father, Kevin Sloan
and my grandpas, Elray Jenkins & Wesley Gormley.
Here are 3 Father figures in my life on the day of my wedding:
L to R: David Gormley (my dad), NiKol, me, Kevin (future father), Kathy, & Greg (father in law)
I love my dad SO much. Here are some daddy daughter dance pictures from my wedding:
Let me tell you about my dad:
-His name is David Lewis Gormley.
-My dad is selfless and is always helping others. He barely has time for himself, ever.  He is a hard worker, always. He wakes up earlier than anyone because he has things to do and stays at work all day running his own company. He serves our family SO much and is the perfect example of service.
-David owns Zephyr Graf-x, a hat company, also known as www.zhats.com.  He is a successful entrepreneur and knows how to run a business.  He attended BYU and graduated from the Marriott School of Management like Kevin and I. Anybody who knows a business owner knows that it is not an easy task. Running a company is insanely hard and takes up a lot of time.  He always can see where the trends are going by observing consumers and staying current on market information.  His company currently has the first mover advantage on a big style (Snapbacks) right now thanks to my dads hard work and dedication because he knew it was coming.  His competitors are frantically trying to throw things together.  He also is a great graphic artist and has designed many of the logos you see on college hats.
-He loves being outdoors and enjoying nature. He loves camping and we used to go a lot in our old pop up camper. He also loves fly fishing and would do it everyday if he could. He likes to hike and explore the mountains. He also loves going up to Wyoming where his parents live and four wheeling, white water rafting, going to rodeos, as well as fishing and camping.  He also does a ton of the yard work (we have a few acres) and always puts on the best campfires.  He loves his John Deere mower.
-My dad loves tennis and he is the one who got our whole family into it. He taught me when I was in 8th grade and thought I for sure had no tennis ability whatsoever.  However, I took lessons, played Varsity tennis in high school, and competed in the Colorado State tennis tournament. Now, he knows I have a solid backhand. He is a really good tennis player and can beat anyone of us. We even have our own tennis courts because of him.
-David is funny and has his own sense of humor. Some people call it dry humor. Kevin and him both have the same kind of humor so it is funny when they are talking and laughing about things.  I guess I married someone like my dad!
-My dad likes great shows like Lost, The Office, & Modern Family. He actually got me into every one of those shows.
-David loves reggae music and if you ever want to know the best reggae music ask him. He grew up going to reggae concerts all over and in Hawaii.
-My dad is a worthy Priesthood holder in our church and served a 2 year mission in Tokyo, Japan. He is a dedicated church member and helps our family stay strong. He is still fluent in Japanese.  He makes the best Japanese food for us and he loves sushi. A few of us got him a sushi making kit for his last birthday.  He took us on a 2 week trip to Japan a few summers ago and it was amazing! We all LOVE Japan in this family.
-He is an avid sports fan and loves hockey (NHL) specifically the Colorado Avalanche. He loves BYU sports and of course that means he is a JIMMER fan. BYU Football and Basketball are his favorite. Oh, and same with BYU Baseball since that is who Kevin played for. He loves the Minnesota Twins as we used to live in Minnesota. He loves tennis and we went to the BNP Paribas Open a few years ago which was very fun.
There is more that I can say but that is just a little bit about my dad!
I love you dad! 
You are the best!
PS. Remember when we went to a dance studio so we could learn a bomb Father Daughter dance for my wedding? Then we got there and the dance teacher was weird and teaching ballroom stuff we didn't want to do so we didn't ever go back? Haha.


  1. Aww, what a lovely tribute to your dad! He sounds like a great man and father. Happy late Father's Day to him! <33

  2. haha! Aw! I could have taught you guys some killer moves! haha! jk. :) This is so sweet. Happy Fathers Day to your father figures.

  3. What a great post about your dad. He sounds like a truly great man. I'm lucky to have a wonderful father too. :)

  4. I love that last picture! That's so sweet! I love when dad's show some emotion :) Your dad sounds like a really nice fun guy and I bet he's a successful businessman because he's so generous and charitable all the time! It will be so fun when Kevin is a dad!! You'll love it!

  5. you made such a gorgeous bride! for reals! And yes, I know Chantell! we went to HS together!


  6. What a sweet post:) I love the daddy daughter dance picture. :) So nice of you to say such wonderful things about your father. It's good to see grateful people these days!

  7. This is a really lovely post. Your dad sounds truly wonderful. It's awesome that he still speaks fluent Japanese. x

  8. Those wedding dance pics are so cute ! It shows how much you and your dad love each other =) It's plain beautiful ! Kisses from Italy

    Fashion and Cookies

  9. What a sweet tribute! I love that dress too it is so beautiful!

  10. Aw this is soooo sweet! That last picture of you guys made me get teary. :-) And your dress is gorgeous, just an FYI.