Denver Yo-Yo Competition (& Clouds)

Here are my picture(s) of Clouds for Day 4 of the {30 Day} Photo Challenge!
A little earlier in the evening.
A little later in the evening. Colorado is so pretty.
We were in Denver all day so this is a little late! My sponsored Yo-Yo brother Zach had a competition in Cherry Creek (Denver area) and he won the whole thing which means he automatically gets seeded into the World's competition finals! He has only been Yo-Yoing for 4 years!
[Remember when I went to San Fran? It was for a Yo-Yo competition...random I know :)]
Anyways, we drove up to Denver (er down/south) and ate at Crepes 'n Crepes (2nd rated restaurant in Cherry Creek thanks to the UrbanSpoon iPhone app)
Here is Kevin's crepe...I ordered a breakfast one...big mistake but still good. The dessert ones are to die for! And everyone else in my family had one. I was pretty jealous.
We watched tons of Yo-Yo'ers compete.
And then Zach won first place! You could tell he was really excited as this was his first first place title!
And then we ate at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) for a celebratory dinner and had the hummus and bread appetizer and the tostada pizza. Then we walked around Cherry Creek mall and I fell in love with this swimsuit at Nordstrom...unfortunately I didn't get it. I should get a job first before I blow $161 on a swimsuit. :) Hehe. Okay I won't pay that but it was cute; the picture doesn't do it justice.
Here it is.
And watch Zach's latest YouTube video!

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Hope your Saturday was great!


  1. Beautiful cloud pics! I need to take mine, but our skies have been 'cloudless' for days... Ugh, I don't know what I'm going to do. Hopefully, they will come by later today. :)
    That crepe looks delicious! Yumm.... I seriously would've been jealous too. :)

  2. Congratulations to your brother!!! I can't even do the basic yo-yo-ing... Haha! That crepe looks seriously delicious! And that swimsuit is so cute! But $161 is a tad pricey. Haha! You should check ou down easts swimsuits. They have one that is super cute. :)

  3. Beautiful pics and congrats to your brother! I was just in Denver in March and I loved it!

  4. I love that a yo-yo competition exists! And that they have crepes :)

  5. Oh my goodness, I just stumbled on your blog and your brother is AMAZING! What an awesome and cool thing he is doing! You must be a proud big sister! :)

  6. Great pictures I love crepes!