Calling All Fashionistas!

I just recently got this skirt from ZARA in Orlando and I am wondering if YOU have any ideas on how to complete the outfit! :) I want to wear this to church and then whenever because I love wearing skirts and dresses everyday. I am thinking some kind of flowy shirt tucked in because the skirt I got has kind of a high waist! I could maybe wear some gladiator sandals or maybe my Jessica Simpson wedges.Note: My skirt is in orange and on the website it says this is orange but I feel like it is yellow. So pretend it is a little more orange :)
I had actually pinned a few look alike skirts on Pinterest before I got this skirt so here is some inspiration!
I think my skirt is more this color however I wouldn't show my stomach and if my skirt was this see through I would wear a slip ha. I love the belt with it though! I do like navy with it but growing up in Colorado I always think of the Denver Broncos when I see orange and navy! Maybe that doesn't matter though because I bet if you are not from Colorado you might not think that? Haha.
Photo Source. Also seen HERE on my blog.

Take a look at some other long skirts here!
PS. Let's be Pinterest friends! Go HERE and I'll take a look at your pins! Who doesn't need the inspiration!?
THANKS & have a great day!


  1. I would wear a striped shirt tucked into it. Navy and white stripes. Add a belt so it wont be as blah. A pretty, delicate necklace wouldn't hurt either.

  2. ((Just like a cotton 3/4 length sleeve top... or tank top..or cap sleeves))

  3. Oh I'm so jealous!!! I've wanted an orange maxi skirt for forever!!! You are lucky. :) I have a skirt in cream that is similar to these and it took me a minute to figure out how I liked wearing it best. My favorite ways are: cropped tops (if it's high waisted it shouldn't show your stomach), tucked in flowy shirts with a sweater/ cardigan on top, a blouse tied at the waist (instead of buttoning it all the way down), and a tshirt. :)

  4. I agree with Gentri here on those fashion ideas! lots of bloggers have been tying shirts in a knot above the belly button with these kind of skirts. Since the skirt is so loose and flowy though I would contrast it with a tight fitting shirt maybe. and definitely a small blazer!!! I can't wait to see what you do with it :) and YES we will catch up! I've been so busy with my new job but once my schedule becomes more regular I'll catch up :)
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  5. Go for a boho glam look. Find a tighter top and maybe knot it at the bottom. Add some gold bangles/jewelry, a big floppy hat and maybe, just maybe I'll start calling you Stevie Nicks

  6. I love the green skirt with the pink striped top!! I wish we had a Zara nearby, only can dream about the amazing store!

  7. I really need to find a Zara... stat! That skirt is great... I think you could really wear a lot of different things with it. I myself am partial to the blue and orange (Broncos fan haha), so navy and orange works for me. ;)

  8. Just found your blog and I am loving it!! I would say put this with a striped top. But, I think that is my solution to everything. WHat a fabulous skirt!

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  9. that is a great skirt, and a perfect color for summer. and the good thing is, you can pretty much wear any top with them and are easy to dress up or down. can't wait to see how you style it!


  10. I've go super simple with a white tank or some kind of hot pink to colour bnlock x

  11. i love them all... specially the red one. absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Honestly, it would be a complete outfit with just a white tshirt and a belt! The color is awesome and can totally stand on it's own!