Books & High Angle

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So I kind of slacked off yesterday on the {30 Day} Photo Challenge because of a good reason, my giveaway! So far we don't have too many people who entered so you still have a really good chance of winning! Click HERE to go to the giveaway!
Here is my two day catch up!
June 6, 2011 - Books
I just love reading. When I was in elementary school I read a Nancy Drew book a day; who else loved those? I loved those mysteries...along with the incredible TV show Scooby Doo when I was little younger. So I took a picture of a book my dad read to me when I was super young...a Babar book! Plus I love elephants so I had to take a picture of this book; see how much I love them HERE.
June 7, 2011 - High Angle
So when I saw that we had to photograph high angle, all I thought was that I need to be really high and take pictures of things below me ha, so here is what I got! I decided to go in every part of my house where there is a balcony and take a picture there.
View of the main living room. And I LOVE that cuckoo clock, straight from Germany!
View of the fireplace. And there is some of my siblings on the mantle ha. I'm in the picture on the left in the yellow flowers lol.
More living room. That couch is where I sat when I wrote this post!
Circular stairway.
And there is my mom working on the computer in the dining room! She didn't know I was taking pictures.
Want to join in the fun? Tomorrow's picture is a sunset! Go HERE to see more of the {30 Day} Photo Challenge details and link up!
Have a great day all!
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  1. i love the stairway pic! it's pretty awesome!


  2. oh I love Babar, but I only know the show haha! yes that's right, I would sometimes watch Babar when I got super bored hahaha. and hey I looooove nancy drew I grew up on those books. I still love them! great pictures-where do you live?! it's gorgeous. I got behind on the pictures too so I have the last Three days at once..lol! it's hard when I don't post everyday!
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  3. haha I LOVED Nancy Drew books! My favorites were the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys super mystery's were they team up. :)
    Love the pics, you have a beautiful home.

  4. Love Nancy Drew! Sometimes I pull out the flash light late at night and still read them! They are the best! Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement!

  5. Your house is gorgeous! Love the pictures :)

  6. Babar- how cute! brings back memories of reading as a kid. :)

  7. Your house looks so awesome! Love the fireplace xo

  8. oh, i used to just love babar!

  9. what a beautiful home! puts my 2 bedroom apartment to total shame :-)

  10. Aww I remember those books! Brings back memories... And I also have a fondness for elephants hehe

    Gorgeous home by the way!


  11. gorgeous house!!!
    babar remind me lots of my childoosh past

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  12. i LOVED babar growing up!

    haha but mainly i think because of Babar's girly: Queen Celeste

    i had everything Queen Celeste when I was little :]

    <3 Celeste
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