Hey friends!
So I am going to be having changes done to my blog, by myself. If things look funky or weird or look horrible (chances are they will) don't judge! And come back later! I am definitely not an HTML pro so things will most likely look awful. Hopefully I will get it how I want it...sometime soon!
Bare with me!

Random question: anyone know why sometimes your posts have different fonts when you make all the fonts the same?
Or know how to make your header bigger and not get cut off?


  1. good luck!!

    hmm.. if you make the banner the exact size in pixels that your blog width is it should (shhhoouuullddd) not get cut off.. if it's still getting cut off try adding some white space to the right side of your banner design to try and center it (do that with trial and error.. i had to do that with mine! i'm sure there is a better way to do it, but i have no idea what that is- frustrating!)

  2. hey,
    like your blog, it´s really nice:)
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