Scenes from San Francisco

We are back from San Francisco, California!

We flew out to San Fran for the Bay Area Classic (Triple Crown Yo-Yo Competition) for my sponsored Yo-Yoer brother, Zach!  We were there from Thursday (May 12) to Sunday (May 15), 2011. Who's we? My mom, Patrick, Zach, and I. Kevin and dad had work and Hunter stayed in school!

Here are some scenes from our little vacation:

Thursday - May 12, 2011
Saying bye to my pup, Katinka before the trip.
Friday - May 13, 2011
We headed over to the venue for the competition and found out Zach's sponsor Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works chose him to move on to the finals, meaning he didn't have to do any preliminary rounds. Each sponsor choose one contestant to immediately make the finals and Zach was one of them. While Zach was hanging out with fellow Yo-Yoers, mom, Patrick, John (Patrick's friend from CA), and I walked around Fisherman's Wharf, Ghiradelli Square, and Pier 39.  We definitely had a sundae from Ghiradelli Square. I got the cookie bottomed sundae and it was incredible, but too large so I didn't finish it!
[Thanks for the suggestions friends!]


Saturday - May 14, 2011
Found this picture on my mom's phone.  It is Zach at his first Yo-Yo competition. He didn't even compete at this competition but went to see what they were like...he looks SO young here!!!

Here he is now warming up before he goes on stage!
He got 7th out of 24 Yo-Yoers in his category! He is SO fun to watch!! I was surprised! This was my first time going to one of his competitions and it was so fun! He is actually ranked 2nd place in the world in his age category, so he is legit!
So San Francisco was definitely a fun city.  It is so compact - everything - housing, parking lots (if there are any), stores, restaurants, etc. I loved driving up and down the hills and looking at the types of houses people live in! Seriously, the first big hill I went on I felt like I was on a roller-coaster! How do people parallel park on a steep hill or do anything? Anyways, we went to church in the city and there was like no where to park! There was a TINY lot where members drove in their cars; if you were the first to get to church, you would have to wait for everyone else to leave because you just cram them in there! Then there were street parking but barely anyone could park there. We saw a guy come out of church and he had a boot on his car! I don't think I could ever live in a big city because parking would drive me crazy plus, it would start to feel claustrophobic! Also, when you are in such a big city there are just SO many other people around; I feel like some people would feel like they are no one!

Now, take a look at Zach's YouTube videos!
Here is one for you to see his mad skills!

Anyways, hope your weekend was great!

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  1. What fun pictures! I've never been to California! But when I go, SF is first on my list!!!!

  2. that is the coolest thing i've ever seen! a sponsored yo yoer. awesome! ps i'm glad you had fun in SF!!