San Francisco Bound!

Remember my sponsored Yo-Yo brother, Zach?

[Note: Re-posted due to Blogger deleting it & comments last weekend!] 

Well, I'm going to my first ever Yo-Yo competition in San Francisco, California to watch him compete! We are leaving today and will get back Sunday. I'm not sure if I've ever been to San Francisco or not! I probably went there before but I don't remember - if I did I was 4 years old.  [I lived in San Diego when I was like 2-5ish years old.]

Have you been to SAN FRAN? If so, suggestions/recommendations on things to do, places to eat, favorite stores to shop at?! 
Also, do you live around San Francisco? I have a ton of friends in California but I always forget where all of them are at!
Totally reminds me of Full House :) Didn't you love that show?
victorian heritage – san francisco
Time to pack!


  1. Ashley, You are so lucky, we went to San Fran a few months ago and it was so fun. I would recommend Boudin for clam chowder bowls. Delicious. Have fun!

  2. go to Ghiradelli Square and get a sundae! They are to DIE FOR! have fun :)