{Learn Something} 9

Here is what I learned this past week!
+ a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to HUNTER! He turned 9 years old on May 9, 2011! Love this kid (my littlest brother). 
Here we are right after he tested to receive his camou belt in taekwondo! He received it in his next class.
+ You can get sick overnight. Like sore throat one day, the next day you have a sinus infection. I seriously had one right before finals/graduation so a little over a month ago! So lame. Those infections are horrible.
+ Don't push yourself too hard otherwise you may get sick ^ . Right before I got sick I was a busy bee running all around Fort Collins, running errands, looking at housing, working out, and not taking a breath!
+ Everyone wear your retainers! I just got a new bottom retainer and will be wearing it everyday so I can have perfect teeth until I die! I used to wear mine everyday but for some reason I thought when you get to be around 20 years old you can stop wearing them daily and wear them once a week.  Well once a week turned into every once in awhile and then all of a sudden you realize you can't get your retainer in without seriously indenting your gums and additional pain. So I am glad I have new retainers! :)
+ If you live outside of Utah, people are better drivers (not all places, like big time cities, but pretty much). Everyone knows Utah drivers are brutal and now I'm remembering what it was like to drive in Fort Collins! Shockingly, people drive the speed limit!
When I was in high school I got 3 speeding tickets:
1- driving home during 4th period to get ready for high school tennis practice, 10 mph over the speed limit.
2- picture ticket driving to the mall with my friends (picture was hilarious- need to find it), 10 mph over the speed limit.
3- picture ticket, don't even remember about this one but I'm pretty sure it was 10mph over the speed limit. Gotta love the 10 mph over.
In Utah, I got 0 speeding tickets. I lived in Utah for 5 years and I was driving in CO for about 4 years. Maybe Utah needs more policeman and picture takers.  Also, my Jeep was hit 5 times in one year at BYU. All in all, Utah needs to make some actions.

Okay, that is all! And this post was supposed to be for last week but is late due to the Blogger meltdown (which was so annoying).

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