{Learn Something} 8

Here is what I learned this week, a day early:

+ Selling your clothes to Plato's Closet and stores of that nature isn't as good as it used to be. I remember first hearing about Plato's Closet from a friend in high school and I used to make bank at that store! Now I am lucky to make $10! Guess it is time to donate! Especially when you have the same pieces of clothing after multiple attempts at selling.  I love when they say they are going to pass on older labels/clothing and then they choose to purchase even older clothes that are practically ancient.  Who are these employees? They pass on Lacoste polos, dresses from Guess and White House Black Market, and then choose to buy ugly old belts. Yep, that happened.
+ You know it is a good thing when your husband is obsessed with his job! I'm so grateful and happy that Kevin has a job he loves so much! He is working for Zephyr Graf-x and basically he talks sports and hats ALL day and is getting paid for it!  He comes home from work happy and heads into work early!
+ You can make money off going to a Colorado Eagles hockey game! We went and paid $5 for parking. Luckily our tickets were complimentary of Zephyr, where Kevin is now working. We got FREE Qdoba and FREE Wendy's!  The free Qdoba was free to our section, so we got lucky for sitting in section V.  By the way, QDoba is an amazing Mexican burrito place that I am obsessed with, so obsessed that when I moved to Utah to attend BYU I made a Facebook group titled 'I miss my QDoba' and actually had over a 100 people join the group haha. The free Wendy's was because our team scored 6 or more goals...1 for each letter in Wendy's...W-E-N-D-Y-S.
Kevin and I went to the game with Zephyr employees and a NYC and SoCal sales rep.
The Sales reps were in town for training as Kevin was getting trained as well.
Left to right: Nick Brooks, Kevin, me
Nick Brooks is now the SoCal sales rep.  He was in a Market Research class with me at BYU so I met him last September when we had the class.  He actually ended up being in my group and we did a group project on Zephyr! We conducted Market Research and made a survey that generated over 900 responses via Qualtrics Survey Software. Legit.  Remember this?
Check out the Zephyr dashboard on the side of the hockey rink.
Colorado Eagles CHL (central hockey league) team! Gotta love the Eagles :)
+ You should take advantage of the gym in your house, if applicable. Or if you have a tennis court! My parent's have a treadmill, bike, and big workout weight machine with a big screen TV in a room in the basement. Since I am gym-less I just started working out in my parent's gym.  I miss my workout classes SO bad and being able to attend them with my friends! I really need to get to a Kickboxing, lifting, and Zumba class!
+ The weather is super annoying right now...it is all WIND! Seriously, not a help for the hairdo.
+  Polo Ralph Lauren has cute dresses. I looked at Gap, Banana Republic, Nordstrom, and anywhere that sold dresses and couldn't find any for graduation. First store I go into in Fort Collins has A TON of longer dresses! I got a striped preppy nautical looking one; I wish I could show you my dress but I couldn't find a picture online.

Well, now it is time to drive ALL THE WAY back to Salt Lake City, Utah right after Kevin gets home from work...we haven't been in Colorado for very long (week-ish) and we are already driving back for a day to see one of Kevin's best friends get married! We'll be driving back to Colorado on Saturday :( I hate the drive! SO boring and long. Anyways, hope you had a good week and hope you learned something yourself!

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