{Learn Something} 10

So I haven't done one of these posts for 2 weeks, so here goes!

[Just my puppy with a bone the length of her body! I got it free from a new dog store at Centerra where I actually think I am going to get her groomed. I've never gotten her a bone like this but when I gave it to her she ran around with it and it was just great because it was so long.]
+ I just realized yesterday that I have a few followers via Bloglovin! I don't know who you are followers! Say hi so I can take a look at your blog! :) Does anyone know how you can find out who your followers are on Bloglovin? Am I dumb? Ha.
+ I still am really bad at bowling and the law of diminishing returns does apply. We played 3 games last night and my worst game was probably the 3rd one. I may or may not have bowled a 20 (don't judge). But hey I bowled a 123 before? It just went downhill! My philosophy here. And more here.
+ You will get a different church calling than you think. I will be playing with babies tomorrow in the nursery! And I've got to get ready and make sure I know what to teach them. I am teaching them basically that Jesus loves everyone!
+ Laser tag is a ton of fun. It is not just for kids! Laser tagged here.
+ When you get a rejection letter for a job, it is supposed to be like that and it is not meant to be! Everything happens for a reason, at least I think. I applied for a Marketing job and kind of wanted it...kind of didn't...wasn't really sure. Basically I got rejected (after a few levels of interviews) but the hours and type of job probably weren't the best fit so I think it was for the better! Now any job leads in Fort Collins, CO let me know!
+ There are people in need everywhere. When I grew up here in Colorado I don't remember people begging on the sides of the streets like they do in bigger cities. Now that I've moved back I have seen people begging off the highway exits and random streets. I saw a a man and a daughter kind of close to our home and the daughter held up a sign that says "Homeless family. Anything helps." SO SAD!!! I am currently thinking of a way to help the community.
+ This summer will be a good one because...The Bachelorette and So You Think You Can Dance started up again!!! They will not disappoint, I am sure!

What did you learn this week? (or my case, the last 2 weeks!)
PS. Eat at Famous Daves for some good BBQ...I recommend the pork! The cornbread muffins are delicious and are actually one of the things I craved after getting my wisdom teeth out! Weird I know ha.
PPS. If you want to read the saddest blog go here. The latest post is from the husband writing to his recently passed away wife. She died and same with her infant. Pray for this precious family!


  1. I with you in the bad bowlers club! It always goes downhill for me too after the first game. My hand just hurts.
    Some precautions for nursery: wear a dress you can sit down in, and plan on holding at least one kid the whole time :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I am THE WORST bowler! No joke. Plus my family is pro. So it's even worse. Haha! And yaaaaaa for bachelorette!! Woot!

  3. That was the saddest blog I have ever read. My heart aches for this family and I couldn't stop reading it even as my cheeks were soaked with tears. I guess what I've learned is to never take life for granted. Praying for them x